Minute of the Chapter Meeting

August 30, 2006

WH 224


Meeting was called to order at 12:35.


Present:  Tom Keene, Ardith Peters, David Parker, LeeAnn Lands, Dorothy Graham, Tim Hedeen, Chris Ziegler, Pam Marek, Bill Baker, Tom Doleys, Ulf Zimmermann; RC Paul, Maureen McCarthy,  Michael Firment, Marne Cambell, Paul Lapides, Liza Davis.


1. Introductions – including new officers

President: Ton Keene             Vice President: Susan Rouse

Secretary: Ardith Peters                     Treasurer: Tim Hedeen


2. Suggestions for “Selected Members” of the Executive Committee

Members of the Executive Committee had made suggestions for members to be invited to the committee.  Other nominations were made from the floor.  These invitations allow the chapter to get input from a range of colleges, since the it largely comprises members of HSS.  Tom Keene with check with nominees regarding their willingness to serve.



3. More Background Information:

·         Local membership--  32 members

·         Chapter funds—; Treasurer reports $198.40 in AAUP funds.  (A follow-up report by the Treasurer included dues paid on 8/30, with balance of $300)

·         Georgia Conference—Saturday, Oct. 7th in Milledgeville.  Chancellor is scheduled to speak.  Conference generally runs from 9:30-2.  Tom Keene is attending, would welcome carpoolers.

·         National AAUP—Focusing on part-timers.  About half of chapters in country are collective bargaining.  Georgia chapters are advocacy chapters.  The chapter supported the idea of asking senior faculty members to make Anonymous donations of to assist with dues for new members.  First 4 years of membership $91, then $180.


4. Priorities list from April 27 meeting:

·         Implement New governance structure—Underway; Senior faculty members running for positions

·         Administrative Review—Has support of Dr. Papp

·         Budget planning oversight— Has support of Dr. Papp

·         Salary compression/inequity—Assessment underway;  Tim Hedeen has info on salary compression from data 2 years ago.  He will analyze data and it will be posted in website.

·         Academic Freedom Issues, What Academic Freedom Is—Investigating co-sponsoring forum with Senate.

·         Sick-leave bank—System-wide scheme to be developed by Regents

·         Intercollegiate Athletics Accreditation—Visit scheduled for spring 2007

·         AAUP in Orientation—Format changed, but AAUP noted as responsible for positive policy changes


5. Recruitment /book-selling scheme-- Recent changes in regulations prohibit faculty members from selling text books for personal profit.  Books can be donated to a non-profit.  After some discussion, decision was made to collect books to be sold, with proceeds to benefit AAUP membership scholarships.  Cash donations for membership scholarships are also welcome.


Books can be dropped off at Tim Hedeen’s office (WI 216).  Tim Hedeen and Tom Doleys will handle the sale.


Books that cannot be sold and other books to be donated Universities in Cameroon and Nigeria can be dropped off in Ardith Peters’ office (PI 221).


6. Local Dues--$10 to Tim Hedeen, with receipt via email.


7. System contributions to retirement—concerns seem to have been due to miscommunication. State law requires that System contributions for the Teacher Retirement System and for Optional Retirement Plans (TIAA-CREF, etc.) be identical.


8. Speakers for Socials, aka Wine and Goldfish—Suggestions included Hugh Hudson, Professors from the list of 100 Most Dangerous Professors.


9. Other issues arising/new business—Workload.  Senate has lead on this, but AAUP can begin to put together information to facilitate Senate discussion.  Ulf Zimmermann and Chris Ziegler will work on this.


10. Next meeting: Social Wed. 20 Sept 4:00pm CETL House.


The meeting was adjourned at 1:30.


Minutes submitted by Ardith Peters, Secretary