Chapter Meeting  8/29/07




1.  Chapter Pres. T. Keene called meeting to order and called for introductions.We forgot to do a sign-up sheet.   Those in attendance included, but were not necessarily limited to: Scott Reese, Jane McKenzie, LeeAnn Lands , Chris Ziegler, RC Paul, Susan Raines, Hugh Hunt (briefly), Gabriel Ramirez, Kaye Reeve, Bill Baker, Tom Keene, and Ulf Zimmermann.  (If we missed you, contact U. Zimmermann.)


2.  Membership (L. Lands):  60 campus members now, most paid nationally (but see 3).


3.  Ca. $480.00 in chapter treasury (T. Hedeen), but only four of those have paid local dues ($10) for 07-08.  All others, please send your check, made out to “AAUP@KSU,  to Dr. Tim Hedeen, Treasurer, box # 2205


4.  Background checks (T. Keene) :  Mandated by the Board of Regents: these will now only be on new hires and on individuals promoted to “positions of trust,” that is, those selected for high administrative positions or given control of “kids, keys or cash.”


5.  College and Departmental Faculty Councils update:  Many departments have

done this, others are in progress.  Pertinent bylaws will be posted on the AAUP website to demonstrate “best practices” and allow comparisons.


6.  Salary Compression/Inequity:  Transparency needs to be promoted across colleges.  (It was suggested that departments/colleges come up with some formula [this would have to one even more complex than the illustrative models for workloads] for salary increments such as between an assistant, associate, and a full professor in a given department to make such cross-departmental and cross-college comparison viable.)  The faculty has been advised (Pres. Papp) that there is money for faculty, which is now with the deans, but the faculty in some colleges has no idea what is happening with it.  This will be a good matter for the DFCs and CFCs to explore—good information would enable us to make judicious recommendations.  L.Lands to collect background information.


7.  T&P Guidelines and Section III of Faculty Handbook (C. Ziegler, S. Rouse):  We need to emphasis, again, the primacy of the departmental guidelines for decisions on tenure and promotion (but stay away from individual cases).  There needs to be clarification of the quality, level, and significance of service—“national” is not necessarily a value, especially for those in Teacher Education and those who work in state-certified arenas and in local government ones, just for examples.


8.  Administrative 360-review (M. Burke, L. Lands):  A taskforce is at work, but apparently has not reached even 90 degrees yet.


9.  Parking:  Draft recommendations to be sent to the Parking Committee (here). 


10.  Emeritus Professor:  Rank and privileges—bring before Faculty Senate in Spring. Keene agreed to follow up with Bob Hill, whose email started the discussion.


11.  Other matters arising:  CHE Almanac is out with ample data on matters such as faculty compensation, numbers of faculty/students, etc. ad infinitum. 


Respectfully submitted,

Ulf Zimmermann, Secretary