Chapter Meeting 8/27/08






 1.  Chapter Pres. T. Keene called meeting to order at 12:30 and requested introductions.  Attending:   M. Firment, D. Graham, T. Hedeen, L. Lands, R. Paul, S. Rouse, U. Zimmermann; Provost Black joined the group at 1:12.


 2.  Membership Report (L. Lands):  New report no yet in from the national office. We had 53 last spring.  Recruitment “scholarships” discussed; policy to be worked up.


 3.  Treasurer’s Report:  $734.00 balance (presumably).




 4.  Administrative Review (L. Lands):  Document is done basically.  We need to get a more concrete response.  Dr. Black, some deans some chairs are resisting creating a role for the CFCs and DFCs in feedback to evaluations. People are calling for Open Records requests if necessary.


5.  College & Department Governance (CFC & DFC):  Another informal meeting like last year’s would be good.


6.  NCAA self-study:  Peer review team coming end of October.  Everything is looking good.


7.  Section 3 & 5 Revisions (Workload and T&P):  Get this information (re lecturers’ review and senior lecturer status) to lecturers.


How can we further enlarge scholarship definitions and how can we equate service to scholarship?  Needs further thought, discussion.  AAUP should publish “best practices” from other departments.  Stress having departments publish (post) their guidelines.  (The Faculty Senate should also get on this—perhaps a resolution would be in order.)


A lot of service is academic leadership.




8.  New membership scholarships:  Done.

9.  Rewarding Service and broadly-defined scholarship:  See above.


10.  Travel funding:  Scholarship requirements up; travel funding down.


Respectfully submitted,

Ulf Zimmermann, Secretary