Chapter Meeting Earth Day ‘09






 1.  Chapter Pres. T. Keene called meeting to order at 12:32 and requested introductions.  Attending:   Stephen Bartlett, Michael Firment, Tim Hedeen, LeeAnn Lands, Meg Murray, Robert Paul, David Parker, Scott Reese, Susan Rouse, Peter Schultz, Deanna Womack, Ulf Zimmermann


 2.  Approval of Minutes:  Done.


 3.  Administrative Review:  (L. Lands) This arduous process has been completed and for her leadership on it LeeAnn Lands was given a very special AAUP award.


 4.  Treasurer’s Report (T. Hedeen):  $740.12 balance, after paying ca. $200.00 for junior faculty award winners.  Still have the same number of members’ local dues outstanding (28 paid).


 5.  S&M 3rd-Year Review Letters:  (S. Reese) S&M Dean asked T&P committee to write proper versions of these following departmental guidelines, so this has been taken care of.  There is reason to believe that AAUP chapter’s attention to the matter helped in this correction process.


 6.  Sections 3 & 5 Revisions (Workload and T & P):  These have also been completed. 


 7.  Faculty Councils and Administrative Searches:  Many believe councilmember involvement would be difficult and time-consuming.  We need to remind them that this policy applies only to searches for chairs and deans and that these (a) occur rather infrequently and (b) are usually two-day visits so that there is plenty of time for coucilmembers’ participation.


 8.  Senate Succession:  Recommendations for AAUP-leaning nominations were sought (and possibly found).


 9.  Executive Assistant to the President:  An AAUP-leaning applicant is likewise desired.


10.  Elections for ’09-’10:  Since no one has abandoned his or her post, elections were not needed.  (Terms are for two years.) 


11.  Other Matters Arising:  M. Murray will file gender and equity suit in federal court, possibly next week.


M. Murray also noted that Partner Benefits proposal is being discouraged by the BOR—it does not want “more arrows in the air at it than there are already” in this difficult year. 


A special “Ginsu Knife” award was presented to Scott Reese for meritorious service for promoting AAUP standards in his college.


12.  Next Year’s Schedule:  All to be held on Wednesdays as of 8/26/09.



Respectfully submitted,

Ulf Zimmermann, Secretary