AAUP Chaper Meeting

February 16:


To Do List:


1.  Invite Dr. Papp to the March "Third Thursday" AAUP reception.


2.  Consult with Human Resources about creating a policy that would allow faculty to give unused sick leave hours to colleagues, and later take the issue to the President's Cabinet and even the Georgia Legislature.


3.  Help launch a systematic budget study, as well as play a bigger role on the KSU Budget Committee.


4.  Ask Tim Hedeen and John Pratte to pool their data on salaries in a special report, using the salary equity information to recruit AAUP members.  Send this report/survey to all faculty early in the fall, for both informational and recruiting purposes.


5.  Support President Papp in his role as the administrator responsible for complying with NCAA guidelines, suggesting more faculty involvement on the Intercollegiate Athletic Committee and in the general process of meeting these guidelines.


6.  Involve colleagues in individual departments represented by the AAUP membership in the process of approving the governance plan, perhaps through an Open Forum.


7.  Consider suggestion that AAUP members stand for election in the Faculty Senate.


8.  Make John Pratte chair of the nominating committee for chapter elections, requesting nominations in March.  (Tim Hedeen already nominated for treasurer).


Liza Davis, Secretary