President Alicia Stignani
President-Elect Rob Nolen
Past President Jeff Cooper
Secretary Cheryl Matson
Student Success Representative Colin Chadwick
Academic Affairs & Enrollment Services Representative Frances Herzig
Academic Affairs & Enrollment Services Representative John C. Smith
University Advancement Representative Caryn Young
COO/CIO/HR Representative Amy Phillips
President's Report Representative Padraic McMeel
Operations Representative Richard Rhodes

The KSU Administrators Senate committee will meet once per month and have a representative from the Staff Senate and the Faculty Senate at each of the meetings. In turn, the Administrators Senate will have a representative at the meetings of the Staff and Faculty Senate. This will allow for more uniform communications among the representative groups and will assist the university by providing more global input on decisions.

The Administrators Senate committee welcomes your input and participation. We will be surveying the membership on a regular bases so that you may have input on the decisions that will need to be made. In addition, we ask for your unsolicited input.