Admissions Scholars represent the top freshmen entering KSU.  KSU Office of Undergraduate Admissions identifies these candidates by May of each year and invites them to a special Admissions Scholar Orientation program. At this program, recognition is bestowed and information is provided concerning a number of advance opportunities designed for high ability students.

Recognition in the KSU Admissions Scholars Program opens the door to all of the accelerated academic honors programs available to first time high ability freshmen.  Among the accelerated opportunities are scholarship resources, study abroad options, KSU Academic Honors Program, Admissions Scholar Great Books Cohort, the Center for Student Leadership President's Emerging Scholars, the President's Emerging Scholars for Science and Math, and the STARS Recruitment Organization. To learn more about these specific opportunities click the appropriate link in the menu table.

Scholar Qualifications

University Admissions seeks to recruit and recognize high performing freshmen each year.

First time freshmen with superior academic credentials are invited to participate in this recognition program and enjoy the benefits of the special status of Admissions Scholar.

The four qualifications required for participation are:

  • Graduate from an accredited high school

  • Apply and be fully accepted to KSU for fall semester

  • Score 1200 or greater combined Critical Reading and Mathematics subscores on the SAT or score a 26 ACT Composite

  • Achieve an academic high school GPA of 3.50 or greater

Students satisfying the above criteria will be considered for the Admissions Scholar Recognition Program.

Kennesaw State University Honors Program

The essence of honors at Kennesaw State is personal attention, top faculty, small classes, enlightening seminars, research options, career-building internships—all designed to enrich your college education and prepare you for life achievements.

You may graduate as an Honors Scholar having completed a modest number of requirements, including a capstone project that will significantly enhance your résumé. You will have special advisers and mentors to help you every step of the way—one of several special benefits reserved exclusively for members of the Honors Program.

For more information on the Kennesaw State University Honors program, please click here.

Honors Great Books

Imagine an opportunity to take college-level classes that focus upon the greatest, most interesting, most relevant, and most compelling books ever written. The Admissions Scholars Great Books Cohort is a select group within the top 5% of the traditional freshmen class.

We believe that by reading and reflecting upon the foundational works of world civilization, we are providing a solid educational foundation upon which-you will continue to build for the remainder of your college education - no matter the major you choose.

For more information on degree programs in the Department of Health, Physical Education and Sport Science, please click here.

President's Emerging Global Scholoars

The President’s Emerging Global Scholars Program is a dynamic program designed to build future leaders. Currently for first-time, full-time freshman, program participants exhibit stellar academic performance and are limited to those who have also distinguished themselves as leaders both inside and outside of the classroom during high school. The program offers its participants a variety of experiences that will enhance participant’s applications for nationally competitive scholarships such as the Rhodes Scholarship, Marshall Scholarship, and Fullbright Scholarship, among many others.

For more information on the President’s Emerging Global Scholars Program, please click here.

Honors/Scholar Counselor

The KSU Admissions Scholar recognition program is hosted by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Nichole McGehee is the dedicated honors admission counselor assisting and recruiting high performance students.

These students typically earn accelerated credits from IB, AP courses, high school honors programs, attending Governor’s Honors or achieving the University System of Georgia Certificate of Merit standing. Nichole is available to counsel these students regarding admission, communicate with and archive inductees, administer the Scholar recognition program, and also serves as the Dual Enrollment Honors Program specialist.

Please contact Nichole at with any questions or concerns you have regarding any aspect of honors admission.


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