About the Conference

3rd Annual ADP-South Conference
October 25-27, 2007
Kennesaw, Georgia
Hosted by Kennesaw State University
Conference Theme: “Democracy in action - No one approach”

Purpose of Conference
Because of the American Democracy Project (ADP) good things are transpiring on campuses across the nation. The goal of those working with ADP-South is to provide a forum for honoring and celebrating ADP accomplishments from 13 southern states. The conference will also be a time for those leading ADP on campuses to share our ideas and renew our spirits.

Who attends and what happens at the ADP-South Conference?
Attendees include anyone among students, faculty and staff who is active in ADP. The conference will include speakers, sharing of successes, strategy sessions, and an award ceremony. What has transpired during the previous academic year is thus used to inspire current and future years.