Posting Date: June 24, 2010

KSU presents Recent Acquisitions to the Permanent Collection

Norman Rockwell, Jasper Francis Cropsey and others join the collection

By Rochelle S. Wilson

Jasper Francis Cropsey. "The Wilderness-Sunrise on the Housatonic," 1845. Gift of Malinda Jolley Mortin.

Eastman Johnson, Norman Rockwell, Athos Menaboni—these are just a few of the many artists whose work has been added recently to the Kennesaw State University Art Collection. This past year, KSU acquired 55 new pieces of artwork. “The collection continues to grow not only in size, but also in breadth,” says Art Collection Coordinator Matthew Harper.

The KSU Art Collection began in 1972 with the gift of five prints. Through the generosity of local collectors, the collection has grown to include nearly 1,000 works of 19th and 20th century American art, as well as works from Europe, Africa and Asia.

Many of the recent acquisitions are from new donors, including a gift from David Sager of work by KSU Associate Professor of Art Robert Sherer. A selection of these new acquisitions are on display in the Fine Arts Gallery. “The displayed pieces were chosen to highlight all recent donors and some artists not previously represented in the collection,” says Harper.

Visitors to the exhibition will see a wide variety of American art. Among the pieces is the smallest two-dimensional work in the collection—an etching by Elizabeth O’Neill Verner. Visitors will also see an autobiographical ink drawing by Norman Rockwell depicting the artist presenting his work to the editor of the “Saturday Evening Post.” This drawing is the first Rockwell in the KSU Art Collection.

Another highlight is Jasper Francis Cropsey’s “The Wilderness-Sunrise on the Housatonic,” which is an example of the Hudson River School of painting. Not to be missed is the selection of French wallpaper depicting scenes of the American Revolution. Both a “war” and “peace” series of this wallpaper were printed. The KSU pieces are from the second printing of the “war” series, and a selection from the first edition of the “peace” series is currently installed at the White House.

 “We hope that these new pieces will draw more visitors, bring more attention to the art collection and hopefully attract new donors,” says Harper.

The Fine Arts Gallery is open by appointment only. Admission is free, and the recent acquisitions will be on display through July 22.



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