Posting Date: July 6, 2010

Ivan Pulinkala receives Clendenin Fellowship

Continued studies directly linked to work at KSU

By Rochelle S. Wilson

Ivan Pulinkala

Associate Professor of Dance Ivan Pulinkala was recently awarded the Clendenin Fellowship to assist him with his doctoral studies. With this financial award, Pulinkala will attend the University of Alabama, where he will focus on higher education administration. “My studies are directly linked with the work I currently do at KSU as the Director of the Program in Dance. The doctorate is going to help provide me with the expertise and credentials I need to continue to develop in Higher Education Administration,” he says.

The Clendenin Graduate Fellows Program was formed at KSU in June 2008 by John Clendenin, his wife Ann and their children. 2010 is the second year the Clendenin Fellowship has been awarded, and this year the competition was stiff as many candidates applied. After the initial screening, Deans from the university and other high level administrators selected a pool of applicants; the pool was then narrowed down to ten applicants. The ten applicants were interviewed and the winners were then selected.

The Clendenin Graduate Fellows Program web site notes that “Clendenin Fellows are selected for their educational and career achievements as well as their vision. Fellows are able to set and attain goals, show leadership potential and motivation, and possess a strong work ethic. Fellows also demonstrate a passion for achievement and lifelong learning.”

“This award will cover a significant part of my tuition,” says Pulinkala. "The program I’m attending is rather expensive, so I feel very fortunate to have this help to pay for part of the tuition.” Pulinkala wishes to extend his gratitude to the Clendenin family, the selection committee, and the KSU Foundation for giving him this fellowship. Pulinkala says, “I am honored to be a Clendenin Fellow and feel very fortunate that we have this fellowship at KSU. As KSU President Dr. Papp mentioned, as KSU prepares to become a national university, the Clendenin Fellowship is going to be a significant part of our endowment and our resources that will help propel us to that level.”



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