Posting Date: August 20, 2010

Kennesaw State students spend summer in London

Study abroad trip offers valuable learning experiences

By Scott Singleton

Students (from left) Ausu Anaraki, Lauren Winecoff, Kiera Monet, Lauren Rondone, Kimberly Yancheson.

Students (from left) Jecoby Carter, Ausu Anaraki, Kiera Monet, Kimberly Yancheson in Edinburgh, Scotland

Photos courtesy of Lauren Rondone

Walking down the streets of London this past summer, Kennesaw State University students listened to old stories, observed stunning architecture, interacted with locals and embraced the rich cultural experience of studying in the heart of the United Kingdom. KSU students, along with students from other universities in Georgia, departed for London in late June and returned one month later. During the trip, students attended class, visited theatres and museums and traveled to nearby countries.

London, according to Associate Professor Dean Adams, “gets students and faculty out of their comfort zone and out of the routine that sometimes handcuffs us into complacent modes of thinking and doing.” On the trip, Adams taught theatre appreciation and history of musical theatre. For Adams, London is the obvious choice. “London, along with New York, is one of the two primary centers of theatrical activity in the world. There are 50 historic theatre buildings in London alone, and this doesn’t count the scores of fringe theatres,” he explains.

Lauren Winecoff and Lauren Rondone, KSU theatre and performance studies students, benefited from visiting local theatres. Winecoff comments, “I loved studying in London because there is such a rich history. Since I’m a theatre major, London is the perfect place to study because it’s Europe’s equivalent to Broadway.” Winecoff and Rondone attended multiple plays per week, toured backstage at theaters and visited theatrical collections at local museums.

Theatre, however, is not the only benefit to studying in London. KSU English major Jessica Sides enjoyed studying literature by visiting historical locations. “The field trips not only directly dealt with what I was studying, they enhanced the learning experience and the enjoyment factor of the class.” With two field trips built into the weekly schedule, students used free weekends to explore Oxford, Stonehenge, Windsor, Canterbury and other countries. On one weekend, Sides traveled to Edinburgh, Scotland. Through the trip, Sides explains, “I learned that I am capable of far more than I thought previously. I can find myself in a foreign country and not only survive but thrive as a person.”

For information on the 2011 study abroad program in London, visit here.



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