Posting Date: October 11, 2010

KSU Football provides opportunity for a marching band

Harry Price explains the logistics of starting a band from the ground up

By Brian Tucker

KSU President Daniel S. Papp and Vince Dooley

at the Sept. 15 football announcement.

Photo courtesy of University Relations

With the announcement that Vince Dooley's Football Exploratory Committee has recommended that Kennesaw State University move forward with launching a football program as early as 2014 comes the anticipation of KSU also fielding its first marching band. The logistics of starting a band from the ground up are not lost on Harry Price, director of the School of Music.

"The experience of a marching band would make KSU very appealing to potential students and will enhance our recruiting efforts in the School of Music," explains Price. He cites all the essential steps to starting a band: hiring a director and at least one supporting staff member, purchasing an inventory of instruments and uniforms, and acquiring indoor and outdoor rehearsal space, office space and storage space for all the equipment. Not to mention the travel planning that comes with transporting, housing and seating a band during away games.

Price explains, "Three of us here—myself, David Thomas Kehler and John Culvahouse—have both high school and college marching band directing experience. If the football program launches in the fall of 2014, preparations for a marching band would begin with the hiring of a band director and a staff member in the fall of 2013 with auditions and band camp taking place closer to the inaugural football season."


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