Posting Date: November 1, 2010

Art department offers five printmaking exhibitions
Displays on view through Nov. 6


KSU students have installed 200 pinwheels in front of the Visual Arts Building as part of the Print Spin!! project.


Photo courtesy of Valerie Dibble


The Department of Visual Arts has five printmaking exhibitions on disply in and around the Visual Arts Building this week. Admission is free and open to the public.

Print Spin!!

More than 200 prints have been made into pinwheels for this special installation in the front of the Visual Arts Building. This exhibit gives homage to the importance of alternative sources of energy such as the wind.

Print BIG!!

KSU students created the large relief block for a 4" x 8"print panel as part of an event sponsored by Atlanta Printmakers Studio in May. The print was created by running a steamroller over it. The theme of the print is "Deep Fried and Delicious." On display in VA Room 2901.


This is a juried student exhibit of hundreds of prints showing a variety of printmaking techniques. On display in VA Room 2901.

Soap Box II - Prints, Politics and Democracy

The American Print Alliance presents this traveling exhibit of professional prints with a broadly interpreted theme to include the principles, rights and responsibilities of democracy and to illustrate how prints inspire people to choose democracy, defend freedoms, serve in elected office, vote, demonstrate for fair governance and otherwise take part in political life. On display in VA Room 2901.

Her Daily Concerns

KSU students of Professors Valerie Dibble and Jeanne Sperry created installation exhibit of printed works focused on the concerns experienced by women around the world. The installation has been displayed at many locations. This project was produced with support from a KSU Global Initiatives Grant. On display in VA 2901.



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