Posting Date: December 13, 2010

KSU College of the Arts announces first class of graduate candidates
Master of Arts in Teaching Art program started last summer


The College of the Arts will present its first graduate degrees on Dec. 14, 2010 to members of the first class of Master of Arts in Teaching Art candidates. The program, founded in the summer of 2009, offers alternative means for initial certification for students already holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree or a professional undergraduate education degree in art.

Candidates* for the College of the Arts' first-ever graduate degrees include (from left) Amelia Johnson, Rochelle Rombalski, Sara McKouen, Robin Jones, Robert Lester (1996), Hannah Barber (2002),  Shannah Dean (1999), Tracey McWhorter-Gossett, Allison Donahue Rose and Thomas Dunn. Three candidates—Barber, Dean and Lester—previously completed the Bachelor of Arts degree in art at Kennesaw State.



Photo by Brenda Curtis


* Degree completion is contingent upon final degree audits. One or more candidates listed herein

may have been unable to complete all requirements for the degree. Inclusion in this list

does not commit the university to grant the diploma to a person thus listed.


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