Posting Date: January 24, 2011


Sigma Alpha Iota approved as a colony

Music fraternity is one step closer to becoming an official chapter

By Stephen Chamblee

Top row: Alise Peterson, Ariel Ginn, Katie Lawrence, Michaele Postell, April Johnson, Grace Kawamura

Bottom row: Katie Baumgarten, Holly Botella, Meghan Gribble, Angelica Zeller


Photo by Tracie L. Hinnant

The Kennesaw State University student group Sigma Alpha Iota (SAI) music fraternity recently received approval from the SAI national office to become a colony.  This is the second of three steps to becoming an officially recognized chapter. "The national committee doesn't just pick any school to be a colony; your music program really has to be up to par,” explains April Johnson, KSU's SAI president. “Considering how fast the music school at KSU has grown the last ten years, it's a huge honor."

Sigma Alpha Iota is a fraternity for women that promotes interaction among those who share a commitment to music.  Among their regular activities at Kennesaw State, the SAI holds weekly meetings and hosts a musicale once a month, in which the members perform pieces they have been working on. They also serve the community by engaging in activities such as singing and performing for children at Camp Sunshine.

Johnson expects KSU's SAI colony to receive chapter status in the next few months.  When the group attains official chapter status, they will be allowed to attend the SAI national convention, make visits to other colleges and host networking events with other SAI chapters.

According to Johnson, the immediate goals after chapter approval include focusing on building membership and getting a foundation of other strong leaders in place.  “SAI is a group of people who love music.  Most of us are music majors, but it’s open to anyone.  The only requirement is that you have a music GPA, so if you have taken a music class, then we are open to you.”

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