Posting Date: March 24, 2011


Kennesaw State to host prominent Korean ceramicist

Boo Yun Lee offers Korean perspective on art and art education

By Caitlin Amick


Professor Boo Yun Lee
Photo by Tracie Hinnant

Funded by a grant by the Quality Enhancement Program, Kennesaw State University will host Boo Yun Lee, an internationally recognized scholar and artist from Hanyang University in South Korea. Lee will visit KSU April 3-15, and she will lead lectures, ceramic workshops and round table sessions designed to increase the understanding of the Korean perspective on art and art education. Lee’s own artwork will be on display at “Korean Voice: Intercultural Ceramic Expressions,” an exhibit open to the public and sponsored by the Institute of Global Initiatives.


In lectures and discussions, Lee will address issues of curriculum development, assessment and approach to studio understanding in the Korean classroom. Additionally, she will provide insight into the differences in the arts and education in Western and Korean culture. Lee will also host a workshop for KSU ceramic students, where she will demonstrate design patterns and techniques reflective of Korean aesthetics.


According to April Munson, KSU assistant professor of art eduction, Lee’s visit is an event that will help facilitate the cultural exchange of ideas and offer the KSU community a unique perspective on the arts in South Korea. Munson says, “Lee will have the opportunity to sit and talk with students about the art education perspective in Korea. It offers students not just a glimpse, but an up close look at Lee as both an artist and an educator.”


Last year’s Year of Korea helped forge the relationship between KSU and Hanyang University. Lee hosted KSU Assistant Professor of Art Education Jeanette Wachtman last year on her visit to Korea. Both KSU and Hanyang University are committed to acknowledging, supporting and promoting educational exhange. Lee’s visit is just another step in what Munson and Wachtman hope will be an ongoing relationship between the universities.


Lee is the department chair of Applied Art at Hanyang University. She was an advisor for UNESCO World Conference on Arts Education, and president of the Korean Society for Education Through Art. Lee’s ceramic pieces have been exhibited in shows in New York, Missouri, Michigan, and Hawaii, as well as in China, Switzerland, New Zealand and Japan.


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