Posting Date: April 14, 2011

KSU music professors to travel to Kocaeli University in Turkey

10-day trip will include teaching music classes to students

By Felicia Ervin


KSU Associate Professor Edward Eanes
KSU Assistant Professor Mary Akerman

The partnership between Kennesaw State University and Kocaeli University in Kocaeli, Turkey has brought together students and faculty from both countries who share a common passion for the arts and a common goal to expand their education in a global arena. In the summer of 2009, students from KSU visited Kocaeli University and participated in a joint art exhibition at the Golcuk Art and Cultural Center in Golcuk, Turkey. In February 2011, faculty from Kocaeli University visited KSU, where they taught classes in various art forms and gave live performances.

The partnership continues to grow as Edward Eanes, KSU associate professor of music history, and Mary Akerman, KSU assistant professor of guitar, prepare to embark on a 10-day trip to Kocaeli University in May as guest instructors for music classes at the university.

According to Eanes, the range of topics that he will cover will include world music, regular music history, baroque classical, American female composers of the 20th-century and formal analysis. Eanes will be incorporating audio and visual elements into his lectures, including a PowerPoint presentation that will be translated into Turkish. In the future, Eanes plans to Skype these lectures to his students back at KSU since the semesters of the two universities occur simultaneously.

Akerman will teach guitar lessons and guitar master classes. Also during the visit, Eanes and Akerman will be exploring ways that they can include more KSU students in future visits.

“I’m looking forward to interacting with the students, Eanes says. As a teacher I really want to interact and see if there is going to be something lost in translation and how I can get things across regardless of the language barrier.” He is also looking forward to reconnecting with the faculty that visited KSU back in February.

The relationship between the two universities was originally established as a result of a grant awarded to Lin Hightower, KSU professor of art, through the KSU Quality Enhancement Program and “Get Global” initiative. That was followed by a visit by Hightower, Eanes and Karen Robinson, KSU associate professor of theatre and performance studies, in summer 2010.


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