Posting Date: April 21, 2011

Mary Bice retires from KSU School of Music
Bice served as administrative associate for 13 years

By Felicia Ervin


Mary Bice
In 2009, Dean Joseph Meeks presented Mary Bice with a glass sculpture at an event held in her honor as a token of appreciation from the School of Music

Mary Bice has witnessed significant changes at Kennesaw State University since her arrival in 1998. She has seen KSU go from a commuter school to a residential one and the student body double in size. In March of this year, Bice officially retired from her position as administrative associate in the School of Music after 13 years of service. During that time, Bice was an integral part of the school's significant growth and development.


Bice, who has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art from Corpus Christi State University in Texas, remembers when the School of Music had only one classroom, one lab, one small recital hall, one office and some practice rooms. “It was amazing what was being accomplished by students and faculty in that facility,” says Bice. Today, the School of Music boasts the Dr. Bobbie Bailey & Family Performance Center and the Wilson Annex, which offers state-of-the-art practice rooms and faculty studios. In addition, Bice observes that it’s not just the facilities that have improved. “The number of students in the music department has tripled in size, as did the caliber of students drawn to KSU. The number and quality of concerts and events continue to grow.”


Bice explains that her favorite part of the job was working with talented people who care about students and their success. She says that she was also given independence to initiate and complete projects.

While Bice likes to point out the qualities of the School of Music, there are others who focus on what she brought to the school. Harry Price, director of the School of Music, says that what he will miss the most about Bice is that she was always positive and willing to do what needed to be done to help the students. Price, who came to the School of Music in 2009, added that she provided him with an incredible amount of information that he needed during his transition. “She is a lovely person to work with and a pleasure to be around,” says Price.


Bice, who is originally from Iowa, lives in Kennesaw with her husband. They have two grown children and five grandchildren. In the future, she would like to visit Yellowstone and Yosemite National Parks and Germany. In regards to what she will miss most about working at KSU, she says it will be the friendships with faculty and students, the personal support, the laughter and the music. “I loved my job and will always be proud that I was a part of the School of Music.”


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