Posting Date: July 13, 2011

KSU professors selected for Kennedy Center Playwriting Intensive
Margaret Baldwin and Jamie Bullins attend 10-day workshop

By Jessica Linnell Price


Margaret Baldwin
Jamie Bullins

Two faculty members from the Department of Theatre, Performance Studies & Dance, Margaret Baldwin, lecturer and interim coordinator of general education, and Jamie Bullins, associate professor, have been selected to participate in the Kennedy Center Playwriting Intensive. This 10-day playwriting workshop will be held at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. this July.

The program accepts talented university students, professors and theater professionals to participate in writing workshops and discussions of the art, craft and business of playwriting. The workshop will feature well-respected theater artists as guest speakers, as well as artistic directors, producers, literary managers and stage directors from the Washington, D.C. area and national theater community.

Already a respected playwright, Baldwin’s most recent play, “Night Blooms” premiered in September 2010 at Horizon Theatre in Atlanta and was named one of the top plays of the year by the Atlanta Journal Constitution and ArtsCriticATL. Some other notable plays of hers include: “Her Little House” (named one of the Best New Plays of 2004 by the AJC), “Tom Thumb the Great,” “Alice Through the Wonderglass,” “You Always Go Home” and “Roland’s Song: A War Story.”  

“The intensive will help me recharge and reconnect with my writing,” Baldwin says. “This is a great opportunity for me to take my own writing to a deeper level.” The program was recommended to Baldwin from friends and playwright colleagues that have attended. She says it has been called a “writing bootcamp” and that she is looking forward to the workout. She hopes to learn the best ways to get her work out to the national audience, connect with other professionals in the field and gain valuable contacts for her students and for future guest artists at KSU.

“I have heard great things about the intensive, Bullins says, and I very much respect the organization, having worked with their programs for almost 20 years now.” At KSU, he coordinates the design/technology concentration in the department and supervises the production activities and process each academic season.

The Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival has recognized his work on several occasions. During his time at KSU, Bullins has designed 74 projects off-campus with 17 separate companies, including the Theatrical Outfit, Center for Puppetry Arts, Dad’s Garage, Actor’s Express, Georgia Ensemble Theatre, Connecticut Theatre Festival and The Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble.

“Writing is something that's always been a part of my life,” Bullins explains. “I have never devoted enough time to it.” Having recently made writing more of a priority, Bullins applied to this intensive to improve his playwriting abilities. He is excited to learn from the speakers and students at the intensive. “There is no experience that doesn't affect me as a teacher, mentor and artist,” he says.

The workshop started on July 8. Writing and reading assignments were given to each of the participants to be completed before they arrived in Washington, D.C.



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