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Worthmore Gallery in Decatur hosts exhibit curated by Robert Sherer

Exhibit features works made from wine and about wine


Worthmore Gallery in Decatur is hosting “Brushes and Bordeaux,” an exhibition curated by Associate Professor of Art Robert Sherer, to mark the 10th anniversary of the Decatur Wine Festival. The exhibit features artwork by faculty members Robert Sherer and Donald Robson and 21 students from the Painting III: Aqueous Media course. All pieces in the exhibit are made from wine and are about wine. 

“I boiled white, rosé and red wines until they reached a heavy pigment saturation,” explains Sherer.  “The reduction process burns off the alcohol and leaves a very durable paint for water coloring.”

Visitors can expect to see a wide range of aesthetics, from landscapes of vineyards and interiors of wine cellars to mythological scenes and contemporary graffiti. “There is even a hilarious painting addressing the issue of being in a mixed marriage where the woman likes wine and the man likes beer,” says Sherer.

All artwork in the exhibit is available for purchase. “Brushes and Bordeaux” will run through Dec. 4. For more information call the Worthmore Gallery at 404-370-3979.  

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