Posting Date: February 24, 2012

KSU music students prepare for their future
Students create websites, record music

By Scott Singleton

KSU music student James Lavender's website.


    Student websites:

Zac Evans 

Jeremy Beavers 

Adam von Housen

James Lavender   

Alexandra Khaimovich

Christina Volz

Emily Ahlenius

Robert B. Marshall

          Megan Mayer

          Joshua Martin

         Darcy Parker  William Myers

             Jared Boles David Lennertz

Marina Ovtsynova


Last semester, a group of Kennesaw State music students participated in a music entrepreneurship class that provided an opportunity to prepare for a professional music career through the creation of a website, press packet and recordings.

Michael Alexander, KSU director of orchestras, taught the course. "The class," Alexander explains, "provides students with the practical tools they will need to be a creative musician in the 21st century. It was fun to help the students set professional goals and philosophies and determine a path to achieve them."

For the course, Alexander highlighted practical aspects of working as a professional musician in the digital age. Students created websites, wrote bios, recorded music and more.

Jeremy Beavers, a KSU music performance major, appreciated the practicality of the course. "The Music Entrepreneurship class helped prepare me for the future by informing me how things work in the industry of which I am a part, as well as causing me to have my résumé, curriculum vita, biography, personal website, etc. in order." Beavers, who is applying for graduate school, used the class for the application process. "I am certain that I would have spent years on my own gaining the knowledge that was clearly and practically presented in this class," he says.

Fellow music performance major Alexandra Khaimovich also used the class to help apply for graduate school and prepare for a career as a musician. "I feel that everything that I have done in this class is something that I will use a lot in the future in my career. It gave me an idea of what to expect when you graduate and go out in the real world. I believe it should be a requirement for every music performance major student to take this class."

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