Posting Date: January 14, 2013


Kennesaw State to host Annual Art Faculty and Staff Exhibition
Exhibition will feature a variety of media

Kennesaw State University will present its Annual Art Faculty and Staff Exhibition from Jan. 17- Feb. 23 in The Art Gallery in the Sturgis Library. Showcasing artists from the KSU School of Art and Design, the exhibition will feature a wide range of media including sculpture, painting, drawing, photography, ceramics, mixed media, graphic design and printmaking.


Artists featured in the exhibition include Sandra Bird, Marc Brotherton, Valerie Dibble, Chris Dziejowski, Ricky Garner, Ben Goldman, Diana Gregory, Debbie Hutchinson, Kristine Hwang, Shane McDonald, Matt Mitros, April Munson, Joe Remillard, Don Robson, Robert Sherer, David Short, Keith Smith, Jeanette Wachtman and Pipar West.


Professor of Art Valerie Dibble will be exhibiting experimental work for this year's exhibition, including unique elements such as a broken porcelain plate and prints on new digitally based material. "It is an honor to exhibit with my colleagues," she shares. "This exhibit is a great way for the public and KSU community to see the dynamic work we are doing, and it becomes a wonderful teaching tool and provides a way of having meaningful dialogue with our studnets about our work, work habits and processes."


The exhibition's opening reception will be Jan. 17 from 5-8 p.m.



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