KSU Jazz Ensemble enters endorsement relationship with JodyJazz Inc.
Jazz Ensemble will exclusively use JodyJazz mouthpieces

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KENNESAW, Ga. (February 20, 2013) —The Kennesaw State University Jazz Ensemble has entered into an exciting new partnership with JodyJazz, a Georgia-based company that produces saxophone and clarinet mouthpieces.


The KSU Jazz Ensemble, led by Director of Jazz Studies Sam Skelton, includes instrumentalists from KSU and the community by audition. Performing six times yearly, the ensemble performs a great variety of styles and composers and offers its members a chance to develop general jazz performance and improvisational skills.


The KSU Jazz Ensemble joins a rich roster of world-renown jazz musicians and ensembles who endorse JodyJazz Inc. JodyJazz mouthpieces are known for their free-blowing, great intonation and the best quality control and rich tone throughout the range of the instrument. “We were interested in endorsing JodyJazz because we have confidence in the product; we believe in the product. It’s pretty easy to show other saxophone sections how JodyJazz mouthpieces can boost their sound,” said Skelton.


Jody Espina, a highly regarded jazz saxophonist, clarinetist and flutist, is the founder, president and designer of JodyJazz. Known for his unique and personal sound, Espina is also a respected jazz educator. He said, “Sam started playing with our mouthpieces in his band, and then four out of five of his students at Kennesaw State began using them. We talked at the Jazz Educator’s Network conference, and, since the students were already using our mouthpieces, and thus, endorsing them, it made sense to become a partner with Kennesaw State.”


The School of Music’s Interim Director and Music Professor Michael Alexander said, “We are delighted to be working with JodyJazz and believe it will be a beneficial partnership for both parties.”


Through their new endorsement relationship, the KSU Jazz ensemble will exclusively use JodyJazz mouthpieces, and JodyJazz will promote the ensemble as one of the company's endorsers and feature the KSU Jazz Ensemble on their website and select print advertisements. For more information on JodyJazz Inc., please visit their website at jodyjazz.com.



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