Posting Date: January 31, 2013


KSU Dance Expands, Moves, and Grows…
Exhibition will feature a variety of media

On Wednesday, January 9th, the KSU Department of Dance welcomed back students, faculty, and staff. During their first meeting of the semester, faculty and staff toured Phase II of the new dance facility at Chastain Pointe. When the facility opens later in the spring semester, students, faculty, and staff will enjoy 3 state-of-the-art studios, a new classroom, additional office space, a student lounge, a scene shop and a costume shop.

Dance students are participating in a variety of classes this semester. In addition to our regularly scheduled ballet, modern, tap, and jazz classes, courses like Kinesiology, Dance Improvisation, Pas de Deux, and Pedagogy serve to develop KSU dance majors as both scholars and artists.

The KSU Dance Company will be featured in a variety of performances this semester with pieces being performed at Dance Canvas, the Alabama Dance Festival, the Sugarloaf Performing Arts Youth Concert Series, the American College Dance Festival, the Cobb Energy Center, and our Student Dance Concert. For information about these performances, please visit Performance Opportunities.

The Atlanta area provides a rich variety of dance and cultural opportunities, and it is our goal to actively serve and be a part of our community by providing our students with pedagogical opportunities both on campus and beyond. The 2012-13 class of more than 100 dance majors is set to enrich the metro-Atlanta area with public performances, educational outreach, scholarly presentations and innovative artistry. We invite you to visit our program to learn more about our diverse curriculum and annual performances.


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