Posting Date: March 5, 2012


KSU Sculpture Club participates in President's Day Iron Pour Conference
Annual conference was held at East Carolina University

The KSU Sculpture Club


Photos by Tracie L. Hinnant

Last month, 14 students from the Kennesaw State University Sculpture Club participated in the annual President's Day Iron Pour Conference at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. The KSU students, from various visual arts disciplines, worked alongside East Carolina University undergraduate and graduate students to create molds from sculpture patterns and cast them into iron forms.

"The purpose of involving our students in this event was to further educate them in a variety of mold making and metal casting techniques, teach them collaborative metal foundry operations and expose them to one of the top graduate sculpture programs in the southeast," explains Ayokunle Odeleye, KSU professor of art and KSU Sculpture Club faculty advisor. 

In addition to the mold making and metal casting activities, Professor Odeleye presented a lecture on creating large-scale sculpture for public spaces.  Assistant Professor of Art Etienné Jackson presented a lecture on artwork conservation.  Keith Smith, assistant professor of art, and Page Burch, assistant studio technician, also attended the conference to supervise the iron furnace training and student participation.




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