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Posting Date: March 7, 2012


Kennesaw State presents annual "New Works and Ideas Festival"

This year’s theme is “Frankenstein’d,” the monster in the family

By Brittany Kell

Kennesaw State University’s Department of Theatre, Performance Studies & Dance will present a week of staged readings and performances during its fifth annual “New Works and Ideas Festival” from March 21-24. 


Coordinated by Assistant Professor Charles Parrott and Lecturer Margaret Baldwin, the festival allows students and professors to work together to create original material.  This year’s theme is “Frankenstein’d” – the monster in the family. “One of the goals for this project is to get as many new theater majors involved as possible. It’s a great way for them to get their feet on a project, hone their auditioning skills and present their talents to faculty directors,” explains Baldwin.


The “Frankenstein’d” performances “stitch together disparate elements of myth, story, performance, sound and body to create a new and sometimes clumsy creature,” says Parrott. Performances will take place March 21-23 at 8 p.m. in the Black Box Theater.


On March 24, “New Works” will conclude with the “10-Minute Student Play Festival” at 8 p.m. in the Howard Logan Stillwell Theater. The student plays are presented as staged readings in order to provide greater focus on the playwright’s work.  “Audience members are often amazed at how much can happen with ‘just’ a reading,” says Baldwin. “It is really a blast for all.”


According to Baldwin, the student plays were selected based on “how creatively the playwrights interpreted this year’s theme.” Cathryn Bergmark’s play will be among those featured in the festival. The sophomore, and first-time festival participant, described her Frankenstein as self-doubt. “What occurred to me while I was thinking about entering the festival was that ‘I could never complete a play.’ At that moment I realized how much a monster my self-doubt could be,” explains Bergmark. 


Tickets for the “Frankenstein’d” performances are $5 and are available at the KSU box office.  Admission to the 10-Minute Student Play Festival is free.

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