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Barbara Hammond retires from KSU School of Music

Hammond taught at KSU for nearly three decades

By Shira Zobrist

When Barbara Hammond retires at the end of the 2011-2012 academic year, it will be the end of an era for Kennesaw State University’s School of Music. Hammond, now a senior lecturer in music education and the program coordinator for music education, has been teaching at KSU for an impressive 27 years. She began as an adjunct instructor and is now a full-time fixture in the music department.


Hammond explains her long career in education very simply: “I love music, and I love people.” She describes KSU as a very special place, and she says its students are incredibly dedicated and talented. “It has truly been a privilege to share what I know with my students here,” Hammond explains.


Hammond’s main area of focus has been in music education, and she has worked extensively with the Bagwell College of Education as the liaison between the education and music departments here on campus. Her wish for her students is that they will combine their passions for music and education and they will come away from her classes with the courage to communicate those passions. “I hope they have effective strategies of teaching,” she says, “and the ability to give the gift of musical literacy to their future students.”


Hammond’s influence within the School of Music is undeniable and she will undoubtedly be missed in future years. John Culvahouse, professor of instrumental music education, describes Hammond as the most devoted faculty member of the School of Music. “She has been supportive of all students, regardless of major, has attended almost every concert presented and has worked tirelessly on school, college and campus-wide committees,” Culvahouse explains. “She has been a friend and confidant to faculty members and to students.”


Hammond’s students will also miss her as she leaves KSU for new adventures. Ariel Ginn, a junior music education major, has had Hammond as her academic advisor for the last three years. “She is a wonderfully caring and cheerful person,” Ginn says. “She strongly believes in what she is teaching and she motivates me to learn because of her enthusiasm.”


As Hammond prepares to leave KSU, she views her time here with great fondness. “I will be forever grateful for the relationships I have formed with my fellow faculty,” she explains. Her greatest accomplishment as a teacher, she says, is seeing what her students can accomplish. “I love seeing our students graduate and go out in schools and be successful in their jobs. Several of our students have received ‘teacher of the year’ awards, and to know that they are thriving and doing well is the best feeling.”


Looking forward, Hammond plans to spend her additional free time making quilts, reading, gardening and having ladies’ teas and luncheons. She plans to travel and to volunteer, but she is not leaving music education behind completely. She will continue to teach music appreciation through KSU’s Continuing Education program. Even though she is retiring, her love for music and music education will last a lifetime.



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