Posting Date: September 14, 2012


School of Art and Design student wins sculpture contest

Henssler Financial hosts local sculpture competition

By Shira Kerce

Brad Dalton, right, with Gene Henssler, president and Chief Investment Officer of Henssler Financial



Brad Dalton, a sculpture student in the Kennesaw State University School of Art and Design, was recently awarded first place for a sculpture he created for local financial advisory firm Henssler Financial. The firm hosted a design competition for KSU students, asking participants to submit a model of a stylized bear and bull to be the basis for a sculpture Henssler Financial plans to place in front of their office building.


Ayokunle Odeleye, professor of sculpture, worked with Henssler Financial to develop the contest after being contacted about the possibility of sponsoring a design contest for sculpture students. Dalton learned of the contest through flyers that were placed throughout the Visual Arts Building and he turned to Odeleye and Assistant Professor Etienne Jackson for guidance and encouragement.


“At first the project seemed huge,” Dalton recalls, “but after seeking the counsel of my teachers and researching the company I became more confident in the design I thought would be best for Henssler. Finding the inspiration for the design was a fun process and it was a great learning experience.”


Dalton’s winning sculpture depicts a bull and a bear in conflict, showcasing the strengths of both aspects of the financial stock market. The submitted sculptures were judged on artistic excellence, including both clarity of concept and ability to convey a well-developed idea. In addition to the honor of winning, Dalton was awarded $1200 for his design. “I was humbled and delighted to learn that I won,” Dalton says. “I wanted to create something that Henssler Financial could be proud of, and when they chose my design I felt a great sense of accomplishment.”


Dalton credits his professors in the School of Art and Design with motivating and inspiring him as an artist, saying “they were critical to me winning the competition. They have pushed me in my work ethic and motivated me to want to create captivating art that is done with excellence." The sculpture is scheduled to be installed later in the year.



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