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Kennesaw State presents “Sound + Silence” in Onyx Theater

Performances are part of “New Works and Ideas Festival”

By Shira Kerce


The Kennesaw State University Department of Theatre & Performance Studies presents “Sound + Silence” October 1-6 at 8 p.m. in the Onyx Theater. The event, part of the “New Works and Ideas Festival,” will feature “About Silence,” coordinated by Assistant Professor Rebecca Makus on October 2, 4 and 6, and “The Ubu Project,” directed by Michael Haverty, local director and playwright, on October 1, 3 and 5.


Both of the performances in “Sound + Silence” deal with the opposing powers of silence and spoken words. “About Silence,” written by Peter Petralia, explores the topics of paranoia, beauty and the pain of intimate human relationships. “During the performance both the audience and the performer are encountering the text for the first time,” explains Makus. “The performance is about the moments of silence in between the text as we consider what was just said or anticipate what will be said.”


“The Ubu Project” investigates Alfred Jarry’s infamous play “Ubu Roi,” engaging themes of existential absurdity, empathy and hope, in the creation of an exhilarating performance installation. The first time “Ubu Roi” was performed a riot broke out after the first word of the text was spoken, and the focus of the play is on the immense power that words can have. Described as “disgusting” and “violent,” the play “shows human behavior at its loudest – and lowest form,” says Dean Adams, artistic director for the Department of Theatre & Performance Studies.


“Both Peter Petralia and Michael Haverty are respected avante-garde artists who bring new ideas, forms and methods of presentation to our audiences,” explains Adams. “Each year the 'New Works and Ideas Festival' presents new and cutting-edge works that reflect our department’s mission to expand the potential for theater to be both a performative act as well as mode of inquiry.”


“The department strives to feature rich and varied seasons that offer our campus and local communities a broad spectrum of voices, cultures, texts, periods and styles of performance,” says John Gentile, chair of the Department of Theatre & Performance Studies. “These two very different performances bring that diversity to our current season.”


Tickets for each performance are $5. “Sound + Silence is not appropriate for audiences under the age of 17. For more information, call 770-423-6650.



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