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The programs and departments within the KSU College of the Arts host several official Facebook* and Twitter accounts. Current and prospective students, alumni, and others are invited to "follow" us. Click an item to connect.

If you have a group or page that should be added to this list, e-mail arts@kennesaw.edu.



Art Museum & Galleries

Arts Alumni

Bailey Performance Center

Classical Studies

College of the Arts

Dance Program

Dean Joseph Meeks

Department of Visual Arts

Kennesaw State University Trumpets

KSU Mudslingers

KSU Saxes

KSU Sculpture Club

KSU Theatre, Performance Studies & Dance

KSU Women's Chorus

Music and Entertainment Business Program

Office of Patron Services

Piggy for the Arts at KSU

T&PS Majors

TPS Alumni Kennesaw State University


Bailey Performance Center

College of the Arts

Dance Program

KSU Art Museum

KSU Box Office




KSU Orchestra in China

Program in Photography/Matt Haffner


*Some Facebook groups require you to be a member of the Kennesaw network.



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