Alum explores the art of television

By Jarmea L. Boone

Caroline Nyagah

Born and raised in Kenya, Africa, Caroline Karoki Nyagah (theatre and performance studies, 2004) has combined her enthusiasm for multicultural theatre with the art of television in an internship with Georgia Public Broadcasting. Nyagah works on an Emmy Award-winning show called “Lawmakers,” which airs every night that the Georgia Assembly convenes for the duration of the legislative session. “Lawmakers” gives viewers knowledge and awareness on state legislature decisions regarding taxes, jobs, schools and the environment, amongst other topics.

Stemming from her current studies at Chattahoochee Technical College in television production, the internship opportunity stood out to her and gave Nyagah an instant excitement about pursing a career with an Atlanta-area television station. “GPB intrigued my interest because it has some local shows that I enjoy. It is also a station that can be enjoyed by all age groups and, most importantly, it is very educational.”

As far as responsibilities on “Lawmakers” goes, Nyagah does a “little bit of everything” as an intern. She does researching, story writing, reporting, editing, interviews, and has also served as camera operator and field assistant. “While I was there, I also produced my own stories. I took advantage of every opportunity that came my way, which I highly recommend to any intern,” Nyagah said.

Nyagah is also heavily involved in the local arts community with her Kenyan-American church. “I do anything from directing, choreographing, stage managing, lighting, costume and set designing for our church stage productions. We have managed to create a team that builds confidence and a passion for art. It’s the most amazing thing when something great on stage comes out of nothing but a vision.”

Nyagah credits Kennesaw State for developing and nurturing her love for theatre and film. “KSU prepared me in terms of honing my skills, exploring my talents, and in embracing my passion in theatre arts,” she explained. “My professors all had their skills mastered and were all geniuses in what they did. They encouraged me to get involved with local theatres, in working on an independent short film, ‘Red 772,’ and in my interest in television arts and film as a whole.”

In her future, Nyagah hopes to have an independent theatre/film company that supports and promotes foreign arts. “I would also love to direct my own foreign films that highlight personal stories and that promote cultural awareness,” she said.



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