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Fifth Third Bank is providing piggy banks (and incentives!) for students and others who want to save their change for the arts. For more details, become a fan of Piggy for the Arts at Kennesaw State on Facebook.

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All donors are eligible for the College of the Arts Donor Recognition Program.

CAMPAIGN TOTAL (as of 3/31/12): $24,169.11

goal exceeded!


DONORS (as of 04/27/12): 153

51% of goal met



2011-2012 Annual Campaign Donor List

* KSU faculty/staff

~ COTA alumni/student

Dean's Club Patrons ($2,500-$4,999)

Randy Stuart *

Dean's Club ($1,000-$2,499)

John Culvahouse *

Barbara & Bill Holden

Joyce Lowenstein

Joseph Meeks *

Otis Eastern

Gregory Simone

Jim Wallace ~

Horace & Susan White *

Benefactors ($500-$999)

Deryl & Bob Heflin *

Pamela Hubby *

Jewish Educational Alliance

Harry Price *

Timothy J. Ste. Marie *

Joe Thomas *

Renee Torobin

Valerie Whittlesey *

Patrons ($250-$499)

Stacie Barrow

Linda Dowdell

Frank McCoy

Cheryl & Tony Oglesby

Jane Petrak

Samuel Grant Robinson *

Susan Grant Robinson *

Gerald Stapleton

Friends ($100-$249)

Julia Becker *

Laura Braswell

David Bucey

Carmen Cabrera

Center Stage II Dancewear

Janet Strazulla Cosper ~

Franklin Cox ~

David Daly *

Joan Duncan *

Gail D. Erlitz

Michael J. Frey

Melissa Fryer

Barbara Hammond *

Lin Hightower *

Cathleen Kiss * ~

Ross Kommor

Carole Maugé-Lewis *

Shane McDonald * ~

Robert J. Nolen *

Donald Russ *

George Shiveler

Cara Smith *

West Cobb Dance Center

Pat Williams

Christine Ziegler *

Neighbors ($50-$99)

Jane Barnette *

Thomas Besenyodi

Cheryl Anderson Brown *

Dominic Bruno *

Gary Crovatt

Dawn Eskridge *

Joseph Greenway *

Alison Mann *

Patricia Schadl

Elizabeth Sustar *

David Watkins *

Michele Ziemann-DeVos

Partners ($1-$49)


Heather Alexander

Shanda Atwood ~

Faye Bartholomew

Qate Bean ~

Jeremy Beavers ~

Tyler Behl ~

Tory Bethune ~

Lindsey Blackburn ~

Chloe Bouler ~

Lindy Bradshaw ~

Brittany Breymeier ~

Alianna Brown ~

Leia Brunit ~

Lula Bullard

Vanessa Burhnam ~

Heather Byrd ~

Paul Castaneda ~

Elaine C. Clamon

Susan Clark

Charlie Cross ~

Brenda Curtis *

Pricilla Curtis ~

Chris DiBiase ~

Andrea Dowis ~

Sheherazade Drau ~

Zach Engesser ~

Andrew Eubanks ~

Kathelia Faraca

Ashleigh Fleming ~

Krist Ford ~

Robert Franks

Ariel Ginn ~

Cathy Greco

Jessa Grossman ~

Kathy Hairston

Christopher Hall ~

Teri Jester Hamilton ~

Clara Hart ~

Dalia Hdi-Fific ~

Tracie Hinnant ~

Ashley Howard ~

Olivia Jenkins ~

Jason Kaplan ~

Grace Kawamura ~

Bryan Kennelly ~

Alexandra Khaimovich ~

Rachel Kidd ~

Sohee Ko ~

Chani Maisonet ~

Rebecca Makus *

Christine Manning ~

Moriah Mattson ~

Katherine McCauley ~

Carly Mikel ~

Virginia Moore ~

Oral Moses *

Jennifer Mullins ~

Haley Myers ~

Gichuhi Nganga ~

Arsenio Nuckles ~

Megan O'Donnell ~

Devin Okey ~

Saori Otsuka ~

Darcy Parker ~

Bianca Pineiro ~

Chelsea Pope ~

Brianna Powerll ~

Erin Rauch ~

Jocelyn Rease ~

Anna Rice ~

Kaite Riess ~

Natalie Rivera ~

Jay Roberts ~

Jeanne Robinson ~

Val Robinson

Bethany Rodriguez ~

Danny Ryba ~

Travic St. Dic ~

Anna Ruth Stuckey ~

Jessica Thompson ~

Taylor Tolbert ~

Ivan Villa ~

Selina Walker ~

Mary-Elizabeth Watson ~

Kelsey Waugh ~

Corinne Weintraub ~

Lisa Williams ~

Jan C. Wilson *

Soohyun Yun *
Laura Zerlin ~
Gloria Zotalis

^ Includes only amounts credited toward this campaign. A donor may also contribute to other campaigns or funds in the College of the Arts or at Kennesaw State University.


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