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Fifth Third Bank is providing piggy banks (and incentives!) for students and others who want to save their change for the arts. For more details, become a fan of Piggy for the Arts at Kennesaw State on Facebook.  

Piggy Leader Board

The Heaviest Piggies

as of 3/15/12

Belong to:

1. Tracie Hinnant (art)
2. Shanda Atwood (art ed)

3. Corinne Weintraub (tps)
4. Christopher Hall (dance)


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Annual Campaign Celebration Picnic!

At last year's closing celebration, Patrick Ridley of Fifth Third Bank and Dean Meeks presented prize money to the students with the heaviest piggy banks. First place went to art major Michael Beasley. In the end, Beasley's piggy bank weighed as much as he did: 150 pounds! Photo by Tracie Hinnant


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from the 2010-11 Picnics

  Gwen Anderson's Piggy Bank went to Tybee Island! Where will your Piggy go?

Piggy Banks

Fifth Third Bank is providing Piggy Banks for students and others who wish to save their change for the College of the Arts. Just like with real pigs, the best ones will win prizes!

At the end of April 2012, the College of the Arts students with the "heaviest" pigs will win cash prizes, provided by Fifth Third Bank. The top prize is $500 with two runner-up prizes of $250 each. The College of the Arts will provide $100 prizes each for fourth and fifth place students.

Plus, during each month of the campaign, there will be a Piggy Contest presented on Facebook at Piggy for the Arts at KSU.

Get a Piggy:
You can pick up a free Piggy Bank from the COTA Office of Public Relations in WB209, weekdays between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. Call 770-499-3214 for more information.

Weigh Your Piggy:
Any time your Piggy Bank gets too full, you can bring it back to the COTA Office of Public Relations in WB209 to "Weigh In." We will add your name to the official donor list, collect your change and officially record your Piggy's weight. Each time you weigh your Piggy, your amount will be increased.

There will also e Official Piggy Weigh-In Events announced throughout the campaign with more special prizes and activities.

Piggy Contests:
Follow Piggy for the Arts at KSU on Facebook for monthly contest details and to vote on the winners!

Share a Piggy:
yone can register a Piggy Bank—your folks, your friends across campus and off campus, alumni, professors, staff, and so on. Pick one up for someone or have them call 770-499-3214 to get their very own!


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