Blood Works by Robert Sherer

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Auction for Robert Sherer GLBT Scholarship Fund

Antebellum Classicism
25" x 27"
HIV- blood on paper
Year: 2007
Value: $4,000

Minimum Bid: $2,000

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Artist's Notes:

This piece is made from blood donated by African-American friends and colleagues. As a "son of the South," I grew up having to listen to apologists for the Antebellum Era who focused their attention on the Neo-Classical aesthetics rather than the central issue of Slavery. The Antebellum South identified with and copied the style of Ancient Greece and Rome because they knew that these cultures were also buttressed with human slavery.  

Many classical historians exalt the Corinthian Capital as the height of Classicism and Western Civilization. The intent of this piece is to tarnish all Classical aesthetics, especially the Antebellum South's, because none of their self-proclaimed "beauty" would have existed were it not for the forced labor of enslaved peoples.  In the case of the Antebellum South, this resulted in the production of these top seven slave crops by the African slaves.