Business Operations: Frequently Asked Questions
Purchasing supplies and equipment:

How do I purchase teaching or office supplies? First, all supply purchases must be pre-approved by the employee’s department chair or supervisor. After approval, these items can be personally purchased by the COTA employee or purchased by the departmental administrative associate via their KSU purchasing cards (P-Card). Pre-approved supply purchases by employees are reimbursed by submitting purchase receipts to the employee’s departmental administrative assistant. Employee supply purchases will be reimbursed via check; expect seven to 10 days for a reimbursement to be issued. Please note that KSU is tax exempt, all KSU employees are required to submit a State of Georgia tax exemption certificate to in-state vendors when purchasing items (retail or wholesale). This tax exemption certificate is available at:

How is classroom/lab equipment purchased? COTA employees need to submit equipment requests to their department chairs (or designated department approver). If approved, the departmental administrative associate(s) will contact the COTA Business Affairs Manager to issue a purchase order for the equipment purchase. COTA employees may not personally purchase equipment and receive reimbursement (most equipment items are subject to State of Georgia governmental supply contracts and agreements). For technology purchases, follow the guidelines at:
Travel at university expense:  

How do I request Authority to Travel for KSU-related business? All KSU employees must submit an Authority to Travel form for all university-related travel that exceeds 50 miles in distance from the KSU campus. This form encumbers the funding for the employee’s travel expenses and authorizes the employee to be absent from the KSU campus for university-related travel. The employee needs to estimate their total travel costs on the Authority to Travel form; the amounts are subject to change due to BOR travel regulations and departmental budget constraints. The Authority to Travel form must be approved by the employee’s supervisor and the COTA Business Affairs Manager at least seven days before the scheduled travel date(s). The Authority to travel form is available at:

What expenses are allowable for reimbursement? Most travel-related expenses are allowable for reimbursement, provided a detailed receipt of the items purchased can be provided by the purchasing vendor. Allowable expenses listings and Board of Regents travel procedures are available at:

 Can some employee travel expenses be pre-paid by KSU? Yes, pre-travel expenses (airfare and conference registration) can be paid before the KSU employee’s travel date(s), once the Authority to Travel form has been approved by the departmental supervisor and the COTA Business Affairs Manager. After approval, the traveling KSU employee needs to contact their departmental administrative assistant to pay these pre-travel expenses (via P-Card or to issue a check payment to the vendor). Expenses that occur during travel (hotel, meals, bus or cab fares, auto mileage, etc.) must be reimbursed after the employee returns from their university-related travel (via travel expense statement). The travel expense statement form is available at:

What are the monetary limits for travel reimbursement? Lodging fees and daily meal allowances are regulated by the U.S. government domestic and foreign travel per diem rates. The rates vary per travel destination; the amounts are available at the following web addresses:

 U.S. (Domestic) per diem rates:

Foreign (non-U.S.) per diem rates:

How do I receive reimbursement for personally paid university travel expenses? After returning to KSU from university-related travel, a KSU employee can request reimbursement for travel related-expenses via the Travel Expense Statement form. The employee needs to submit a travel expense statement detailing the expenses incurred during the pre-approved university travel. If claiming the daily per-diem maximum for food purchases, meal receipts are not required. All other expenses (lodging, transportation, and miscellaneous travel-related purchases) must have receipts for reimbursement. The travel expense statement must be signed by the employee, and submitted to their departmental administrative assistant for approval by the employee’s supervisor. The travel expense statement will be audited by the COTA Business Affairs Manager and sent to Business Services for payment via  check reimbursement (expect seven to 10 days for processing). The travel expense statement form is available at:


For any questions or issues regarding COTA business policy and procedures, please contact Mike McGehee, the COTA Business Affairs Manager, at x3642 or


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