Photography: Frequently Asked Questions

How can I request a photographer for my event?
The College of the Arts does not currently offer photography services, but we're working on it. To request a photographer, please send an e-mail to Brenda Curtis at least two weeks in advance. We may be able to send a staff member, request UR photography services, or refer you to an outside photographer.Please include date, time, location and phone number.

Is there a camera available for me to borrow?
The College of the Arts has two digital cameras and two video cameras that may be checked out for 24 hours. To reserve a camera, please stop by the Marketing offices or e-mail Include your name, phone number and the date for which you need the camera. After you have used the camera, the College of the Arts staff will be glad to download the photos or videos and burn them on a CD for you.

How can I get a copy of a photo or photos?
If you would like digital copies of photos that have been taken by the College of the Arts, send an e-mail to If you are seeking a specific image, be sure to include as much information as you can about the subject and date of the image. If you need general images, just give a brief overview (e.g. “students playing piano,” “students painting,” etc.). Most images taken since 2002 are available. A few older images also are available.

How can I have a headshot taken?
University Relations arranges “studio days” each year for this purpose. To request a time, pleaser send an e-mail to


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