Publicity & Media: Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if the media contacts me?
If you are contacted by someone from the media, please contact Kathie Beckett, Director of Marketing and Communications, 770-499-3417, or email She will work with the reporter to facilitate interviews, photography and background information. If you are to be interviewed, she can also help you prepare by sending you sample questions, drafting possible responses or conducting a test interview.

How can I get publicity for myself, my student or my program?
There are a variety of publicity outlets, from the College of the Arts website, to Flourish magazine, to external media. And, external media outlets range from local “neighborhood” papers to daily nationals to broadcast media. The College of the Arts works with the KSU Office of University Relations to help target your story to the most appropriate outlets while balancing all of the university’s stories.Please email details about the story (who, what, where, when and why) to Kathie Beckett, Director of Marketing and Communications,

What types of stories are considered newsworthy?
Almost any story can be “newsworthy” if it is targeted to the right media outlet at the right time. However, the most common stories are those associated with awards, achievements, appointments, new programs, anniversaries, milestones and events. We can also cover and pitch human interest stories, the behind-the-scenes stories of personal struggles and/or triumphs. Please be aware, however, that COTA can issue only a limited number of press releases.

Will you send out a campus-wide email about my event?

University policy does not permit us to issue a campus-wide email about events. However, you may submit your event through the KSU inform email system.

How far in advance should I request publicity?
If you would like publicity in advance of an event or on the day of an event, you need to e-mail Kathie Beckett ( at least four weeks before the event.


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