The College of the Arts Development Team strives to make a difference by securing ever increasing philanthropic support.

The COTA Development Team raises private gift support for the College to help accomplish its of integrating arts experiences for its majors, other students and the community. Private gift support builds the funds that ensure a margin of excellence and quality for faculty, students, academic programs and facilities. Private gift support is key to the College’s vision of emerging as a nationally competitive, student-centered arts institution serving metro Atlanta area.


The College of the Arts Development Director contact info:

Allison Fichter
Director of Development, College of the Arts
1000 Chastain Road, MD 9102
Kennesaw, Georgia 30144


Fundraising within the departments
The Development Team within the College of the Arts serves as the official representative of the university on all matters related to private giving (this includes fundraising for external organizations), and is responsible for clearing, coordinating, and conducting efforts to increase KSU’s private support. The staff works closely with the KSU Foundation, which is a 501 (c) 3 organization created to receive and manage gifts on behalf of the University.  If you are planning a fundraiser within your department you must fill out the Fundraising Form, once you are given clearance you can move forward with your fundraiser.

Solicitation Clearance
While positive interactions with faculty, staff and students are often an important part of the fund raising process, it is imperative that gift solicitation first be cleared by the Office of Development. The Office of Development maintains a campus-wide list of both individuals and organizations that are potential, prior or current contributors. With the goal of maximizing support to the university, the Office of Development staff works to manage and nurture institutional relationships with donors and potential contributors on an on-going basis. Focused cultivation and solicitation clearance and approval ensures that planned or pending gift activities are not compromised; that gift potential is maximized; and that donor relationships are cultivated, recognized and stewarded
appropriately for the long-term benefit of KSU. Faculty and staff interested in soliciting funding or in-kind gifts from alumni, friends, trustees, corporations or private (non-government) foundations must have the advance approval of the Office of Development. Simply call the Office of Development at 770-499-3129 and ask to speak with a development officer before initiating such activity. Proposed solicitations should also have the prior approval of the appropriate dean or vice president to ensure outreach is being undertaken with unit and institutional priorities in mind.

Cultivation and Solicitation
Once a prospective donor is identified and clearance to approach is obtained, the Office of Development staff may play a significant role in developing and participating in donor cultivation and solicitation strategies. Faculty and staff should seek a consultation meeting with the appropriate development director assigned to the College of the Arts, to discuss the cultivation or solicitation of a prospective donor. Depending upon the level of proposed gift and the donor, the development director also may assist with constituent research, promotional materials, proposal writing, a solicitation meeting, a gift agreement and the staging of recognition events.


Gift Acceptance
Gifts to KSU in any form, with the exception of gifts-in-kind, obtained and accepted by any member of the KSU faculty, administration or staff, are to be transmitted to the Director of Development for COTA within two days of receipt. Matching gift forms should also be sent to the COTA Director of Development to be signed by the authorized agent in accordance with corporate matching gift guidelines. All gift information will be coded in the database and acknowledged in writing by the Office of Development. Gifts will then be taken to the KSU Foundation for deposit. Funds and disbursements are managed by the KSU Foundation.


Gift Agreements
The Office of Development is responsible for developing, coordinating and approving gift agreements. Gift agreements are most often used when establishing endowments, e.g., scholarships, fellowships, professorships and chairs, and thus require certain language pertaining to the KSU Foundation since the Foundation invests endowment principle. Gifts-in-kind, especially gifts of real estate, may require prior approval of the KSU Foundation Gift Acceptance Committee and/or the Campus Art/In-Kind Gift Committee. Planned gifts, e.g., estate bequests, trusts, gift annuities, etc., typically require more detailed gift agreements and should be coordinated with the Director of Planned Giving in the Office of Development. Donors or their representatives should contact the Office of Development to begin the process of developing a gift agreement or discussing a planned gift or gift-in-kind. The Office of Development works closely with the KSU Foundation to ensure that both donors and institutional interests are protected. In-kind gift form.

Gift Pledges
KSU permits, on a case-by-case basis, two-to-five year pledges for major gifts, i.e., gifts at the $10,000 level or above. Such pledges must be secured in writing and recorded by the Office of Development, which will then be responsible for generating pledge reminders and processing pledge payments.

Kennesaw State University gift recognition program

Naming Opportunities
The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia has established specific minimum gift levels for endowments and their naming, as well as additional recommended guidelines for the naming of physical facilities. Additionally, KSU has a set of guidelines for programmatic and other naming opportunities. To ensure compliance with these guidelines, no program or physical entity will be named or promised to be named without prior approval by the Office of the President of Kennesaw State University, in conjunction with the Office of Development.

Gift Acknowledgement
All gifts to KSU and/or the KSU Foundation, made in accordance with the policies described above, will be acknowledged in the annual report of private giving. Additionally, specific campus wide donor acknowledgement guidelines and policies exist for endowed gifts, programmatic gifts, buildings and other tangible spaces, single gifts of $100,000 or greater, and lifetime giving levels of $500,000 or greater. Please contact the Office of Development for a detailed description of these guidelines. Permanent three-dimensional donor walls for single gifts at the $100,000 or greater level are located in the Carmichael Student Center. Lifetime giving at the $500,000 level or greater is acknowledged on a donor wall located in the lobby of Kennesaw Hall.


Donor Recognition

Although generosity is its own reward,  the College of the Arts realizes the importance of saying “thank you” to our many friends. The College of the Arts Recognition Program aims to show our gratitude throughout the year.


Ways to give at KSU

Gifts to Kennesaw State University make a meaningful difference in the quality and help support people and programs. The university accepts many different types of gifts, which are fully tax deductible in the year they are made. Gifts are accepted by the KSU Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) organization set up to receive and manage gifts on behalf of the university. 

The easiest way to support KSU is to make a gift of cash. You can donate online using your credit card through our secured site. You can also download a pledge card and mail it in with your check payable to the KSU Foundation. Indicate on the pledge card the specific program you wish to support. If no program is specified your gift will support the Kennesaw Fund. Your gift is fully deductible if you itemize it for federal income tax purposes up to 50% of your adjusted gross income. If your total gift exceeds this amount the excess may be carried forward for tax purposes for up to five years. 

Gifts of securities, especially appreciated stock held for more than one year, provide tax savings for you and support for KSU. By making this gift you can eliminate a capital gains tax while receiving a tax deduction for the full fair-market value on the date of the gift. The value of the gift may be deducted up to 30% of adjusted gross income, with an additional five years carry over. The KSU Foundation will sell the securities as soon as possible and apply the funds wherever you specify. You may also donate securities you have held for less than one year, but your deduction will typically be based on what you paid for the securities.

Gifts of personal property (artwork, books, vehicles, jewelry, etc.) can be donated to KSU and you can be entitled to an income tax deduction. A gift of personal property must be professionally appraised and then reviewed by the KSU Foundation before the donation can be finalized. 

Real Estate
Gifts of real estate that you have owned for many years can be advantageous for you and KSU. If you donate the property, instead of selling it, you can avoid a potential capital gains tax and realize a charitable deduction for the full fair-market value of the real estate. 

Planned Gifts
Additional means of giving such as Bequests, a Charitable Gift Annuity, a Charitable Lead Trust, and Life Insurance Gifts can be made by contacting our Planned Giving professionals.

Endowed Gifts or endowments are established with permanent funds where only the interest earnings are dispersed annually, thus allowing the principal to remain a steady source for future growth. Endowed gifts can support such areas as named scholarship funds, endowed professorships and endowed chairs. Gifts may also be added to the university's unrestricted existing endowment, strengthening the foundation of the institution in a vitally important way.

Endowed Gifts help secure the future success and quality of our programs and resources for our faculty and students. Because we use the interest from Endowed Gifts and preserve the principal, the gift legacy is kept alive and grows and produces some of the most meaningful permanent support on campus. We also offer naming opportunities with Endowed Gifts that provide an everlasting tribute to their namesake. These gifts generate earnings year after year, ensuring that educational programs, faculty positions and scholarships will be sustained. 

Endowed Gifts require a minimum funding level, which are sometimes payable over a period of years. These include:

  • Scholarships: $20,000
  • Fellowships: $30,000
  • Faculty Fellows: $50,000
  • Professorships: $300,000
  • Chairs: $500,000

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