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How do I update information on the website?
If you would like to add, change or delete information on the website, you may contact your department's web coordinator or the COTA webmaster, Josh Stone. The department coordinators are: Susan Grant Robinson (music), Jamie Bullins (t&ps), Shane McDonald (visual arts) and Samuel Grant Robinson (admissions).

May I add photos, sound and video to the COTA website?
The College of the Arts offers each faculty and staff member the ability to have a sound and video gallery, a portfolio gallery of work and a photo gallery. If you would like to create one of these galleries to be connected from your bio page, please contact the webmaster, Josh Stone. Please note that the university is currently preparing to implement new online video procedures and policies; new videos cannot be added until this process has been implemented.

How do I create and publish my own site?
Kennesaw State University offers faculty, staff, students and alumni the ability to create and publish websites from a campus server. For more information, visit the Publishing a Webpage site offered by KSU Information Technology Services. Once you have created the site, send an e-mail with its URL to the webmaster, Josh Stone, and we will link it to your bio page.

How can I make sure my news story or event is featured on the COTA or a department homepage?
The featured items on the homepages are planned and prioritized at least three weeks in advance. If you would like to request that an item be included for a future update, please e-mail details about the story (who, what, where, when and why) to Cheryl Anderson Brown, the COTA Public Relations Coordinator.


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