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Chase Todd: Living the dream one performance at a time
By Brittany Kell


Photo by Vii and Annette Tanner
Photo by Joan Marcus

"I live for these opportunities,” Chase Todd says enthusiastically about his current endeavors in musical theater. Currently performing on the national tour of “Shrek the Musical,” Todd (dance, 2010) is juggling tour dates while living in New York City. “I am so thankful to have found my passions earlier in life,” Todd explains. “I work diligently every single day to become the best of the best in this business.”

After graduating from Kennesaw State University, Todd played Link Larkin in “Hairspray” in the Atlanta Lyric Theatre production and in the Phoenix Theatre production in Arizona. When his contract ended in Phoenix, Todd moved to New York. “I really wanted to get to the next level in my career,” he says. Six months later, he was cast in “Shrek” as Peter Pan and as the Pinocchio understudy. “I rehearsed in New York City for three weeks and then set off for my first adventure of touring!”

Todd looks back on his time at KSU warmly and is grateful he honed his skills in such a caring and accepting environment. “I am so thankful for my professors that never gave up on me, but challenged me to hit the higher note, land the extra turn, or feel the acting beat,” Todd says. “Everyone knew that I wanted Broadway and that I wasn’t going to stop until I got it. I always felt very supported in thinking that it was possible.”

Todd credits his progression as a performer to the constant support and guidance from Ivan Pulinkala, the director of the Program in Dance. Pulinkala inspired him to remain confident and strong in pursuit of his dreams. Todd says Pulinkala was always encouraging him to try harder and harder to hone a skill or achieve a goal. In terms of his vocal training, Todd credits Jana Young, artist-in-residence in voice, as being “one of the most inspirational people in my life during my college years.” Through their once-a-week voice lessons, Young instilled love and compassion. “An hour-long voice lesson could consist of a therapy session of emotional breakthroughs, audition preparation, advancing my repertoire or simply working on my vocal technique to ensure a long, healthy career.”

Todd believes that it’s possible for anyone to achieve his dream with a little inspiration, a ton of hard work and passion. “Musical theater is my life,” Todd adds. “I love to sing, dance and act. It is a wonderful opportunity for me to become someone other than myself, sing my heart out or dance until I can’t breathe anymore.”


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