Donors may choose to create or enhance endowments to support programs, operations or scholarships that benefit the College of the Arts. Endowments are an investment fund, which exists in perpetuity and from which the generated income is used to benefit the college as outlined in the donor agreement. After the initial endowment, the benefactor, friends or family may continue to make gifts to build the endowment. If you are interested in creating a scholarship endowment, please contact Holly Elrd at 770-499-3129 or hse9199@kennesaw.edu.

Existing Scholarship Endowments

Other Current Endowments

Bobbie Bailey Music Endowment

Created by Dr. M. Bobbie Bailey, this endowment is designated to support the needs of the School of Music.

Howard Logan Stillwell Performance Endowment

This endowment was created by Fred Stillwell in honor of his father, Howard Logan Stillwell. It is designated to provide funds to support performances produced by the College of the Arts.

Onyx Theater Endowment

Sponsored by an anonymous donor, this endowment provides funding to support faculty projects in the Department of Theatre and Performance Studies. The name, Onyx Theatre, was given to the black box theater in recognition of this gift.


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