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Endowed Scholarships

At Kennesaw State University, a minimum gift of $20,000 is required to create an endowed scholarship. These funds are the principal, which will never be spent and exist in perpetuity to benefit students. A benefactor may choose to fully fund an endowment at the beginning or fund it over a period of three to five years. After the initial endowment, the benefactor, friends or family may continue to make gifts to build the endowment in order to benefit more students. If you are interested in creating a scholarship endowment, please contact Holly Elrod at 770-499-3129 or Read more.

J. T. Anderson, III Scholarship

Established to recognize excellence in undergraduate students, the J. T. Anderson, III Scholarship was established in 1982 with support from Mr. and Mrs. James T. Anderson, Jr., in honor of their son. Preference is given to those studying the arts and business administration.

James T. Anderson, Jr. Scholarship

Established in 1983 with support from Ms. Jennie Anderson to recognize students pursuing a degree with particular emphasis on American history, fine arts or language.

Atlanta Steinway Society Endowed Scholarship

Atlanta Women’s Commerce Club/Flo Bruns Memorial Scholarship

Established in 1997 to honor and memorialize the founder of the Women’s Commerce Club. Arts majors are selected based on academic achievement and entrepreneurial spirit. Recipients continue to benefit from the scholarship each year until graduation.

Bobbie Bailey Music Scholarship

Established by the naming gift for the Dr. Bobbie Bailey & Family Performance Center, this scholarship is intended to support students majoring in music.

Florence B. Beddingfield Memorial Art Scholarship

This scholarship was stablished by Mr. William Beddingfield, Susan Ellis and Cherie Smith in honor of their mother, Florence B. Beddingfield, who passed away Nov. 9, 2007.  Mrs. Beddingfield was widely known in the metro Atlanta area and particularly in Cobb County for her contributions to the community.  Mrs. Beddingfield had a life-long dream to study painting and sculpting.  Following her retirement, Mrs. Beddingfield attented KSU and was able to fulfill her dream and graduate in 1989 with an art degree.

Fred D. Bentley, Sr. Scholarship

Established in 1979 with support from Mr. and Mrs. Ruth O. Herod to recognize excellence in undergraduate students pursuing a program of study leading to a bachelor of arts degree. The scholarship is named in honor of long-time supporter, Fred Bentley, Sr., who has made innumerable contributions to the arts.

Eric and Gwendolyn Brooker Voice Scholarship

Established by Gwedolyn Brooker in honor of Eric Brooker to support students majoring in voice at KSU.

The Color Spot Inc. Endowment Fund

JoAnn Durham Endowed Arts Scholarship

Established in celebration of JoAnn Durham’s birthday, this scholarship was created by her children to honor their mother’s strong commitment to KSU and her lifelong love of the arts. Durham has been involved with KSU since 1982, and hopes that this scholarship will help students pursue their dreams in the arts.

Cynthia Feldberg Endowed Piano Scholarship

Established by Robert and Elaine Feldberg as a permanent honor to Cynthia Feldberg, Robert’s mother, this scholarship will support deserving piano students.

R. Wayne Gibson Endowed Piano and Voice Scholarship

R. Wayne Gibson, a long-time KSU music professor and former chair of the Department of Music and Performing Arts, established this scholarship to support music majors with an emphasis in piano or voice performance.

Girardot Endowed Scholarship

Drs. Nadia and Jean-Marie Girardot established this endowed scholarship in 2001 to recognize excellence in junior, senior and graduate students in the arts  and sciences who are in need of financial support.

Glenn Hollingsworth, Jr. Memorial Scholarship 

Established in memory of Glenn Hollingsworth, Jr., by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Hollingsworth, Sr., and his sister, Ms. Cynthia Hollingsworth. The scholarship awarded annually among outstanding students pursuing a degree in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and the College of the Arts.

Nick S. Labroff Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Michael Edwin Lips II Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Robert and Livvy Lipson Arts Scholarship

The College of the Arts established this scholarship to permanently honor Robert and Livvy Lipson and their lifelong devotion to education and excellence in the arts. The scholarship will positively impact students in the College of the Arts by providing financial support that will enable them to realize their educational dreams.

Joseph D. Meeks Music Endowed Scholarship

To honor the first Dean of the College of the Arts, Joseph Meeks, and his 30 years of service and leadership at Kennesaw State University, the 2006 Annual Benefit Gala Committee established this scholarship with proceeds from the event. The endowers of this scholarship hope to support students who are passionate about music and committed to their craft.

Brian Miller Memorial Music Scholarship

Established in 1986 by Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Miller in memory of Mr. Miller’s son, and to support the student who has demonstrated a singular excellence in the music field.

Audrey and Jack Morgan Endowed Scholarship in Music 

Established in 1999 to recognize and support outstanding music students at KSU. The scholarship has been significantly extended  to offer more help to deserving students.

Robert and Cheryl Moultrie Endowed Arts Scholarship

Established in 2004 in recognition of Robert and Cheryl Moultrie’s personal generosity; corporate generosity through their company, The Facility Group; and the record-breaking success of the College of the Arts Third Annual Benefit Gala under their leadership.

Tena E. Redding Endowed Arts Scholarship

Established by R.K. Redding Construction, Inc., this scholarship will recognize and honor

promising students and provide financial assistance to students who have a declared major in visual arts and who demonstrate financial need.

H. Fred Rodenhausen Endowed Music Scholarship

Established through the generous support of Mr. H. Fred Rodenhausen, the scholarship is intended to recognize and benefit students at Kennesaw State University who are pursuing a degree and who excel in musical ability. It is also meant to support the Department of Music’s ability to attract and retain increasing numbers of gifted and promising students into its program.

Thomson Salter-Salova King Art Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Vance King created the Salova King Foundation many years ago. Mrs. King left instructions that, after her death, when the foundation was dissolved, the remaining funds be given to KSU, to be used according to the wishes of Mr. Salter, an art professor and art program coordinator. This scholarship supports visual arts students.

Robert Sherer GLBT Endowed Scholarship

Betty and Joel Siegel Theatre Scholarship

Established to assist the Department of Theatre & Performance Studies in recruiting top students to its program in honor of former President Betty Siegel’s commitment to the arts during her first 20 years as president of KSU, the College of the Arts established this scholarship with funds from the College’s First Annual Benefit Gala.

James (Jim) P. Smith Memorial  Art Scholarship

Established in 1990 by Mrs. Bonnie K. Smith in honor of her late son, Mr. James P. Smith. The scholarship supports a student majoring in the visual arts.

Lillian Bennett Sullivan Voice Scholarship

Established in honor of Mrs. Lillian Bennett Sullivan, a distinguished citizen of Cobb County, mother-in-law of Ruth Delman Sullivan and grandmother of Deane Bennett Sullivan and Steven Wentworth Sullivan. This scholarship is available to students majoring and having advanced standing in voice.

Virginia Tumlin Music Endowed Arts Scholarship

The Virginia Tumlin Music Endowed Arts Scholarship was created with support from longtime music lover and KSU supporter, Virginia Tumlin. Tumlin enjoys the piano and choir and hopes that her scholarship will provide aid to students who have a talent and passion for any kind of music.

Gretchen E. Van Roy Voice Scholarship

Established by Gretchen R. Van Roy to honor an outstanding music major voice concentration.

Visual Arts Studies Abroad Scholarship

Established with funds from the College of the Arts First Annual Benefit Gala, this scholarship is intended to encourage and enable talented visual arts or arts education majors to participate in study-abroad programs while enrolled at Kennesaw State.

Wachovia Endowed Theatre Scholarship

Wachovia’s focus on education and strengthening neighborhoods has led to the establishment of the Wachovia Endowed Theatre Scholarship.

J. David Watkins Endowed Scholarship in Piano Performance

Established in 1999 with support from Professor of Piano J. David Watkins to recognize and benefit students who excel in musical ability and piano performance.


Sam Wilhoit Jazz Endowed Scholarship in Music 

Sam Wilhoit was a nationally known musician, composer, orchestra leader, saxophonist and arranger. This scholarship, in his memory, is awarded to talented, full-time undergraduate student performers.


Annual Scholarships

To create an annual scholarship fund, a minimum gift of $1,000 is required. The money is awarded to students yearly. The fund may be renewed each year at the donor's discretion. Like the endowed funds, an annual fund may be named in honor of someone and the donor may provide criteria for the students who should benefit from the fund. If you are interested in creating an annual scholarship, please contact Holly Elrod at 770-499-3129 or Read more.


Support Scholarships

Donors may also select to make a contribution to scholarships without creating a fund. These gifts may be of any size and may be designated for scholarship funds in the School of Music, the Department of Visual Arts or the Department of Theatre, Performance Studies and Dance.

You may also support scholarships by sponsoring or buying tickets for the College of the Arts Annual Flourish Luncheon.

The School of Music also presents the Scholarship Series of concerts, with proceeds from ticket sales benefiting music scholarships. Sponsorships are also available for this series.

If you are interested in creating an annual scholarship, please contact Holly Elrod at 770-499-3129 or



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