John Ferry: Industrial Timeline

John Ferry’s works reveal the aesthetic beauty of the overlooked and forgotten urban environment and brilliantly portray the cycle of change in our cities. The artist focuses on aged and damaged cityscapes. By shifting his visual point of view of the same subject and using the changes in light, space, plane and color, Ferry creates the visual equivalent of movement through time.  The exhibition features a selection of the best of John Ferry’s small-scale paintings, ranging from postcard size to 2’ X 3’. While the paintings are small and intimate, they are conceptually universal.



Artist Biography

John Ferry lives with his wife Amy and two daughters Katherine and Paige in Leawood, Kansas. He got his BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute (1992),  and his MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York City (1994). He has taught at the Kansas City Art Institute and Maryland Institute, College of Art. He is represented by Jan Weiner Gallery in Kansas City, Missouri and the C. Grimaldis Gallery in Baltimore, Maryland.


Artist Statement

Although small in scale, my paintings are meant to seem large in the conceptual sphere. My subject, usually architectural in nature, suggests decay and fortitude. The buildings, aged and decrepit, stand imperiously defiant, challenging both time and modernity. I seemed to be obsessed with compositional integrity on a zealot’s scale. Like monoliths that stand the test of time, so does my vision of what is most important in life. The paintings reflect a spiritual disposition that demand recognition of the greatness inherent in the forgotten, overlooked and discarded. My intent is to make the old, new, the insignificant, majestic.