The Challenge


Bernard Zuckerman has pledged $2 million to Kennesaw State University to construct Phase II of the Art Museum. Fulfillment of the pledge was contingent upon the university receiving another $1 million from private sources.

The university officially met the Zuckerman Challenge in 2011, and hired the architectural firm of Stanley Beaman & Sears to design the facility.  The new Bernard A. Zuckerman Museum  of Art will include galleries and support facilities for its growing Permanent Collection of Art, which currently includes nearly 1,000 works of art by artists from Pierre-August Renoir to N.C. Wyeth to Lamar Dodd.

In order to enhance and extend the museum, fundraising efforts are continuing and many naming opportunities are still available at all levels. For more details, call 770-499-3214.



Works in the first donation

(gift of

Fred Bentley Sr. and J. Alan Sellars)

Donors to the art collection
Works received in the last two years