An Art Museum at

Kennesaw State University

Will . . .


  • provide a permanent place to display the university’s growing and diverse art collection, improving its capacity to educate and inspire;
  • serve the university’s academic mission by contributing to teaching and research;
  • enhance the university’s focus on global initiatives by exhibiting artwork from around the world;
  • enhance the university’s cultural offerings for students and the community;
  • further engage students’ interest in the arts and humanities;
  • allow for greater interdisciplinary learning;
  • serve as a resource for current museum studies courses and any future museum-related programs and degrees;
  • serve as a bridge from the university to the community, gathering both audiences under the common experience of visual arts;
  • serve to educate the community, with programming opportunities (lectures, tours, entertainment events, etc.) for all age-groups:
    K-12, college-level, working professionals and retirees.

Bernice Sims, Church Scene, n.d. Gift of Malinda Jolley Mortin.