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Welcome to one of the most dynamic arts colleges in the region. Whether you are one of our beloved alumni, honored friends, esteemed colleagues, treasured students, or you are encountering us for the first time, we welcome you to return again and again to our website and to our campus.

The College of the Arts at Kennesaw State University offers nationally accredited academic programs in music, music education, theater and performance studies, dance, visual arts, and art education in a supportive environment. Our faculty members are not only extraordinary teachers, they are also extraordinary artists. More importantly, they are mentors for their students; they are truly invested in the current and future success of every student.

The College of the Arts also is a vibrant arts presenter, offering internationally acclaimed performances and exhibitions throughout the year. From big band jazz to world-premiere compositions; from Shakespearean comedies to experimental theatre; from works by Renaissance masters to contemporary art; the College of the Arts celebrates the diversity and richness of all of the arts

The College of the Arts also believes that the arts play a key role in the economic and social development of our communities. We offer our talents and resources in collaborative partnerships to improve, revive and inspire the world around us.

Thank you for visiting our site. We look forward to seeing you soon. . .and often!

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The College of the Arts at Kennesaw State University supports, defends and promotes academic freedom in artistic expression, as outlined by the American Association of University Professors, and diversity of all kinds as outlined by the university's Human Relations Position Statement.

flourish with us