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The Dr. Bobbie Bailey & Family Performance Center at Kennesaw State University's College of the Arts was opened in October 2007. The $9 million facility houses a Concert Hall, the Don Russell Clayton Gallery and the Eric and Gwendolyn Brooker Rehearsal Hall. Click here for news and photos of the the grand opening celebrations.


A hall for music

Funded through a combination of private and public money, the Performance Hall features a 630-seat auditorium designed to accommodate a wide range of performance ensembles. With a 3,600-square-foot rehearsal hall and a dual-function lobby and public reception space, the building will ensure that the college can continue to serve the needs of students while meeting the expectations of the wider community for high-quality programming. Visit website


A place for art

The lobby space also includes generous display areas for pieces from the university's Permanent Collection of Art, particularly sculptures from the Ruth Zuckerman Collection. The first gallery of the proposed Art Museum dominates the north end of the new building. Funded by the Robert W. Woodruff Foundation, the gallery will regularly feature works from the Athos Menaboni Collection recently given to the university by alumnus Russell Clayton, as well as other exhibitions. Funding for Phase II of the Art Museum is ongoing. It will be constructed using only private gifts. View website


Support the Arts

Numerous opportunities are available for people wishing to name these new facilities or any of the galleries, public spaces or instructional spaces in the College of the Arts. Seats in the concert hall are also available for naming. For more information, call 770-499-3214 or click here.

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