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hall: subsequent reference to a named hall.

  • First reference is full name of hall.
  • See Concert Hall.


  • When referring to the Steinway D concert piano donated by Bobbie Bailey in honor of Henry Steinway, always enclose in quotation marks and specify the name as a nickname <The “Miss Mary” concert D piano, nicknamed for Bailey’s late mother, and the “Hank” concert D piano, nicknamed for Henry Steinway, were part of the $1.75 million gift Bailey made to COTA.>.

he/she, his/her

  • Pluralize nouns to avoid this forward-slash construction <The students say they will agree to have their artwork in the exhibition. The students should submit their applications to the registrar’s office.>. (AP)

Henriquez Atrium: subsequent reference to the Anna F. Henriquez Atrium.

  • Use complete name upon first reference.


  • Acceptable to use when referring to people from Spanish-speaking countries.
  • “Latino” and “Latina” can be used instead of Hispanic based on the person’s preference. (AP)

homosexual (noun and adj.)

  • Use “gay” or “lesbian” instead. (AP)
  • See homosexuality, gay and lesbian.

homosexuality (noun)

  • Use this term when referring to the state of being gay or lesbian. (AP)
  • See homosexual, gay and lesbian.

honorary doctorate

  • Use “Dr.” before the complete name of a person with an honorary doctorate. AP style employs other guidelines.

HOPE Scholarship

  • Note capitalization.

Howard Logan Stillwell Theater

  • Use complete name upon first reference; subsequent reference is “Stillwell Theater.”

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