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Latino, Latina

  • See Hispanic.

lecture titles

  • Capitalize and enclose in quotation marks.
  • See also composition titles.

Legacy Gazebo Amphitheater: complete name for the outdoor venue.

  • Use complete name upon first reference; subsequent reference is “gazebo and amphitheater.”

lesbian (noun and adj.): refers only to female homosexuals. (AP)

  • See also gay and lifestyle.


  • General rule is to use “fewer” for individual, countable nouns, “less” for bulk items <We had fewer concerts last year than this year. Admission is less than $45.>. (AP)


  • Do not use in reference to race, age, sexual orientation, religion, gender, etc. (AP)

list, vertical

  • Vertical lists, including those that are bulleted, numbered or otherwise marked, are best introduced by a complete sentence followed by a colon.
  • Items in the list require no end punctuation unless they are complete sentences.
  • If listed items run over a line, the subsequent lines are indented

<When filling out the application select the following in item 13, "Select a Major/Program":

    • For the Bachelor of Music in performance, select "Music Performance."
    • For the Bachelor of Music in music education, select "Music Education."
    • For the Bachelor of Arts in music, select "Music.">. (CMS)

listserv (noun)

  • Used as a generic name for e-mail-based mailing list software <In the future, the College of the Arts might create a listserv to publicize events and student and faculty accomplishments.>. (AP)


  • Avoid these gender specific terms; use the student classification instead <This class is open only to freshmen and sophomores.>.

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