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said, says

  • When attributing a statement or quote, use "said." (AP)


  • When referring to the Scholastic Aptitude Test, the acronym is sufficient upon first reference. (AP)

scene number

  • Capitalize when used with a number <Scene 2, Act 2, Scene 1>. But <the second scene, the first scene>.


  • Do not capitalize unless the word is part of complete title <Professor Vaillancourt was been selected as Kennesaw State University's first Fulbright Canadian Research Scholar. The Fulbright scholar will be present as a researcher and guest lecturer.>. (AP; not in book, but observed use in AP-published articles)


  • Capitalize when used as part of a complete name of a scholarship.
  • Here is a complete list of the scholarships unique to COTA:
    • James T. Anderson, Jr. Scholarship
    • Arts Dean’s Endowed Scholarship
    • Austell/South Cobb Rotary Scholarship
    • Fred D. Bentley, Sr. Scholarship
    • Gwendolyn and Eric Brooker Voice Endowed Scholarship
    • Cobb County Music Teachers Scholarship
    • Jo Ann Durham Endowed Arts Scholarship
    • Cynthia Feldberg Endowed Piano Scholarship
    • General Theatre and Performance Studies Scholarship
    • Dr. R. Wayne Gibson Piano and Voice Arts Scholarship
    • Girardot Endowed Scholarship
    • Glenn Hollingsworth, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
    • FlightWorks Jazz Ensemble Annual Scholarship
    • Flo Bruns/Women’s Commerce Club Scholarship
    • KSU Foundation Scholars Scholarship
    • Robert and Alivia Lipson Endowed Arts Scholarship
    • Brian Miller Memorial Music Scholarship
    • Audrey and Jack Morgan Endowed Scholarship
    • Robert and Cheryl Moultrie Endowed Scholarship
    • The H. Fred Rodenhausen Endowed Music Scholarship
    • Thomson Salter-Salova King Art Scholarship
    • Betty and Joel Siegel Theatre Scholarship
    • James P. Smith Memorial Art Scholarship
    • Gretchen E. Van Roy Voice Endowed Scholarship
    • The Visual Arts Studies Abroad Scholarship
    • J. David Watkins Endowed Scholarship in Piano Performance
    • Visual Arts Endowed Scholarship
    • Sam Wilhoit Scholarship
  • For changes visit www.kennesaw.edu/ scholarships/arts.shtml.

school, academic

  • Capitalize only when used as part of a complete name <The Yale School of Music. The College of the Arts is an arts school.>.
  • See also academic units.

School of the Arts: former name of the Kennesaw State University College of the Arts.

  • Use only when referring to the school in a historical sense.

sculpture titles

  • Capitalize and enclose in quotation marks.
  • If the creator of the work is unknown, see unknown creators, art or musical works with.
  • See also composition titles.


  • Lowercase seasons and their derivatives (e.g., wintertime, springtime) unless they are part of formal name <Years ago, it was not unusual for schools to have fall, winter, spring and summer quarters. Now it’s more common for a university to have a fall semester and spring semester. There are no classes over winter break. The 2004 Summer Olympics were held in Australia. She took the course in spring 2007.>. (AP)

semesters, academic

  • See seasons.


  • Generally, use a semicolon to indicate a greater separation than a comma can convey but less than the separation that a period implies; the words following the semicolon must be a complete sentence <He volunteered his services; and when he was done, the set not only had a stage-size version of a house, but he had also landed a role in the production>..
  • A semicolon is also used when segments of a list are long or contain commas within themselves <The three students are Jane Doe, who plays the saxophone; John Smith, who plays percussion; and Bob Jones, who plays the clarinet.>.

seminar titles

  • Capitalize and enclose in quotation marks.
  • See also composition titles. (AP)

Sentinel (noun)

  • University newspaper is capitalized and set in roman type <The Sentinel is published weekly.>.
  • See also periodical titles.

serial comma

  • See Oxford comma.

slash (/) (noun)

  • Generally used to denote line breaks for song and poem lyrics and as part of website addresses.
  • Avoid using in all other circumstances; notable exceptions include 9/11, 24/7 and certain dates. (AP)

software titles

  • Follow the capitalization, grammar, spacing and spelling of the manufacturer.
  • Do not use quotes, italics or underlining.


  • See faculty.


  • When standing alone in body text, spell out the name of states.
  • When accompanied by a city name, the state name is abbreviated, with the exceptions of Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Ohio, Texas and Utah (i.e., states names that are five letters or less).
  • When a state’s abbreviation includes two periods, do not insert a space after the first.
  • Insert a comma after the abbreviation of a state’s name, unless it provides the terminal punctuation of a sentence <Although she lives in Marietta, Ga., she considers Macon, Ga., her hometown.>.
  • Use “New York state” or an equivalent phrase to distinguish between the state and New York City.
  • Use “Washington state” or an equivalent phrase to distinguish between the state and the District of Columbia. (AP)
  • Ala.













    La. (Louisiana)

    Md. (Maryland)




    Miss. (Mississippi)

    Mo. (Missouri)























statue titles

  • Capitalize and enclose in quotation marks.
  • See also composition titles.

Steinway & Sons

  • Note ampersand use.

Stillwell Theater: subsequent reference to the Howard Logan Stillwell Theater.

  • Use complete name upon first reference.

student classification

  • Capitalize only when it part of a complete name of an entity such as a class, organization or group <She registered for the Senior Seminar class.>.
  • Avoid using year classifications (e.g., first-year, third-year) <Many of the on-campus student organizations are a mix of freshmen, sophomore, juniors and seniors. There were two commencement ceremonies for the class of 2007.>. 

Studio Theater: complete name for the black box theater located within the Wilson Building.

summa cum laude

  • Lowercase and do not italicize. (AP)


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